The ADA-Compliant Kiosk

If you think you have no reason to be concerned about getting sued over the Americans with Disabilities Act, think again, especially if your company uses … Read more

The Value of Talent

For anything to have value it needs to be measurable. In fact, in scientific circles it’s an article of faith that if you can’t measure … Read more

Are Your Resumes Valid?

We know the quality and accuracy of information in resumes is very suspect, often full of outright lies. So why is it that we put so much emphasis on the … Read more

Internet Recruiting

100th Column Last month, this month, next month; I am not sure, but I do know I am right around the 100 mark. I am now in my ninth year as The Fordyce … Read more

Time – Using It Wisely

One of the most critical Success Principles is using your time wisely. While squandered money can sometimes be replaced, wasted time is gone forever. The … Read more

Ask Barb

Q. I’m writing to you out of pure frustration. Our company has been sold and now we only have ownership of our candidates for 90 days. Everyone knows … Read more

Placements and the Law

Send-out to A, Hire by B: Intercepting the Forward Pass The “forward pass” happens all too frequently: 1. Employer A agrees to pay the fee. 2. … Read more

Editor’s Corner

Same Fordyce Letter – more easily readable format. For years, readers have wondered why we didn’t put a Table of Contents on the front page of each … Read more

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