Motivation Secret: “So What? Now What? Next!”

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Jan 29, 2014

Dear Barb:
I’m finding most of my candidates impossible to represent. They no-show interviews, don’t show up on their start date, or fall-off. I’m often afraid to pick up the phone because I don’t want to deal with another issue. My boss says to immediately pick up the phone, but it’s not easy with all the disappointments slamming me. How do I stay motivated?

Alexander B.
San Francisco, CA

Dear Alexander:
You would have so much more time to focus on success if you adopted this attitude, “So what? Now what? Next!”

We deal with human beings on both sides of the sale which is the greatest challenge of our profession. The next time you have a no-show, no-start or fall-off, remind yourself that you have 100% control over how you choose to react.

Top producers limit the time they spend on issues they cannot control. When a problem occurs, you need to review each step of the process to see if you could have done something different. Once that is completed, focus on results oriented activity. In recruiting, we have to see obstacles as opportunities and learn from them.

You can’t allow others to control your destiny. Immediately focus on solutions and continue to represent talent that will result in production.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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