Jaguar Land Rover Trying an ‘Alternate Reality’ for Recruiting

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Jun 19, 2017

It’s not just for the military; Jaguar Land Rover is now using what’s called “mixed reality” or “alternate reality” to find engineers.

The 40,000-employee UK carmaker is looking for about 1,000 electronic and software engineers, and about 5,000 new hires total this year.

It’s teaming up with Gorillaz, a band which, to confuse matters, is not exactly real itself. The band was announced last year as a partner with Jaguar.

Candidates can use the Gorillaz app to do a two-part challenge. The first involves the assembly of an electric sports car.

The second part is a more intense screen. It, says Jaguar, “will focus on cracking code — there are more than  4,000 combinations … a stronger focus on skills and talents than on qualifications.”

Jaguar Land Rover is still taking good ‘ol resumes, but breaking codes with the app will put people on a fast track.

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