It Gets Weirder: Philadelphia Police Recruiting Video

Apr 21, 2015
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One reader emailed me after I posted that Frozen recruiting video out of Norman, Oklahoma, and asked, “Is that for real?”

You may have the same question this time around.

The Philadelphia police department has a new, five-minute recruiting video (below) on its YouTube page that plays off an old Sizzler restaurant video that’s been circulating on social media.

At times you don’t know if you’re watching a Sizzler ad, or the recruiting video. It’s actually kind of both.

According to the website UPROXX, a police department’s sergeant who works on digital media was behind the video.

The local CBS TV station and have reported that about half of the department’s applicants fail to show up for orientation, which essentially ends their participation in the hiring process. The police department does have on its career site more serious recruiting videos.

Anyhow, the Philly police/Sizzler spoof is here and embedded below.


This article is part of a series about News & Trends.
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