Ignoring Disabled Candidates Is Your Impairment, Not Theirs

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May 19, 2020

Nate Elliott has sailed 15,000 miles across three oceans. But what’s even more noteworthy is that his trips all included people of mixed abilities. Some were in wheelchairs, some had multiple sclerosis, others were visually and hearing impaired, and so forth. As Elliott, founder and principal of Nineteen Insights, points out, if such individuals can survive at sea — icebergs, the Bermuda Triangle, you name it — they can thrive at your organization.

He goes on to cite some surprising stats and facts about disabled employees, as well as an overarching problem: “Although employees with disabilities work harder, solve problems better, and drive higher profits,” he explains, “companies don’t hire them.”

Elliott adds that less than one-third of Americans with disabilities have a job, and less than half of top employers mention disability in their D&I statements.

Check out Elliott’s five-minute DisruptHR New York talk to learn more about the state of disability hiring and what your company can do to foster greater inclusion.

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