Glassdoor’s New Look: ‘Symmetry, Infinity, and Possibility’

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Apr 26, 2017

Some recent goings-on:

  • AptoZen is a predictive hiring platform, especially for startups.
  • A new set of six, 90-minute games are meant to judge such skills as verbal communication, quantitative ability, and attention to detail. JobFlare, from Criteria, then sends job seekers job postings based on their results of the games.
  • Glassdoor’s new look, it says, is about “symmetry, infinity, and possibility.” It took almost a year, and included A/B testing different uses of color over the last few months.
  • Speaking of new looks, Shaker’s is now about marketing, not just advertising.
  • You may not know Yuemey (“dream,” in Japanese). It says it is “the first and only social-career app for millennials, utilizing artificial intelligence and virtual reality.” The company says it has 15,000 app users, who can build a profile, a video intro, share what inspires them, and access live recruiting events.
  • LinkedIn’s recruiting people from non-traditional paths.
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