Glassdoor’s Big Funding and Other News

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Jun 3, 2016
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What we hear:

  • Belong, out of India, is in the business of matching employees with employers, and also predicting when a passive candidate might be willing to make a move. By the way: when you scroll down on the page where it shows its employees, it has a section I’ve never seen before: alumni.
  • Glassdoor has raised a fresh $40 million, from a new investor T. Rowe Price, and others. (In total, it has raised about $200 million since its ’07 start.) The company feels like the funding will give it more flexibility to decide when to go public (in other words, it won’t need IPO money as soon). Expect the dollars to go to sales, engineering/product, and more expansion in Europe.
  • My Recruiting Team is a new RPO, targeting mid-size and larger companies in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Moving from stealth to public is this company out of Denmark, selling services to recruitment software vendors. RelinkLabs, as an example, sells technology that matches candidates to a job and company, based on such things as fit, education level, industry experience, likelihood to relocation internationally, skills, and possible willingness to take a new job. It has seven employees, three of whom are data scientists, and it has raised $1.5 million Euros (with I believe more on the way).
  • In the U.S., the Marine Corps Systems Command is looking for a new, cloud-based recruiting platform, for up to 7,500 users. (Thanks to Bloomberg for the tip.)
  • The secretive Shin Bet, a security service in Israel, released a 36-second recruiting video on WhatsApp. (Cover the kids’ ears if they’re not ready for sounds of gunshots.)
This article is part of a series about News & Trends.
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