Disabilities: Tout Them, or Hide Them?

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Feb 26, 2016

Should a person with a disability include that on his/her resume (CV)?

I need some feedback on that question from the world’s best community of recruiters, please. It’s for some volunteer career counseling work I’m doing with a group of disabled (high-functioning) adults.

Here are the arguments in favor of “yes,” (as I see them):

  • Some companies actively recruit for people with disabilities, and federal contractors basically need to.
  • Some tax breaks may be available to the companies if they hire someone with disabilities.
  • The disability will be clear or will have to be disclosed in an interview anyway.

The argument against:

  • Why disclose it until necessary? Let the company find out if/when it calls the person for an interview. The recruiter may consider a person who might otherwise have been rejected out of hand.

If you have some advice based on your preference as a HR executive or recruiter, and your company’s preference or requirements, can you provide some feedback below? Especially as to “why.” Thanks!

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