Cutting Way Down on Interview Scheduling Time

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Sep 10, 2019

We’ve all experienced it: trying to coordinate calendars to accommodate an interview. It’s a big time suck from someone’s day.

Olivia Melman leads recruiting operations team at DigitalOcean, a company where most but not all people work remotely. In addition to managing recruiting coordinators, she is focused on automation and collaboration within the full-cycle recruitment process, owns all data and tooling associated with recruitment strategy, and manages DigitalOcean’s external partnerships.

Melman’s getting the company’s interview-scheduling under control, reducing cancelled interviews, and using AI to sift through everyone’s calendars and find times that work for everyone.

We talk about it in the podcast below. (If Melman’s name sounds familiar btw, she spoke at ERE in San Diego earlier this year about candidate experience.)

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