Crowdsourcing Arms Race: $100k for a President

By Staff
Aug 7, 2014

NRG employee referralCandidate referrals are taking on the feel of an arms race.

The payments have been escalating: $5,000, then $15,000 (plus a shot at a trip around the world), then $20,000 and $30,000.

Now, NRG Energy, a Fortune 250 power and energy company, has trumped the others, putting up $100k as the reward to the person — individual recruiters can play, but not agencies — who refers the next president of a new NRG division.


Yes, indeed, NRG will pay you $100,000 if you refer a U.S. candidate who gets selected as president of NRG Home. If you refer yourself, the money goes to charity, but you get to pick which one.

Jennifer Wallace, NRG senior vice president for human resources says the company “wanted the referral fee to generate excitement and drive people to action. The position we are searching for is a unique one, so our crowdsourcing campaign had to be innovative as well.”

People can only refer one person, and it has to be done by August 22. Use this form to do the referring. The job description is here. The fine print is here.