Come Hear Me Talk in San Diego About the Rules of the Road

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Mar 14, 2017

I have thankfully spent my career in talent acquisition. I began my amazing journey by working in a couple of search firms, then spent a year at a direct competitor. I then made the move that truly shaped my career. I joined PwC (#23 this year on Fortune’s List of “Best Companies To Work For”). I have been here for the last 18 1/2 years, the last 12 of which have been in various leadership roles. For the last six years, I’ve proudly led our U.S. Tax Experienced talent acquisition team. 

Now, my PwC journey continues, as I’ve just taken on the role as our U.S. Tax talent acquisition leader, focused on all aspects of TA (Campus, Experienced, Catalyst) for our U.S. Tax Practice (comprised of approximately 10,000 partners and staff). We have an incredible team of Tax TA directors, senior managers, managers, and associates, and I am proud and honored to be their leader. We also have a fantastic group of human capital leaders and client service key stakeholders who we work hand in hand with. I love finding ways to use our brand, implement high impact sourcing strategies, enhance our processes and use cutting edge technology to drive operational excellence. I also have a true passion for talent development … building current and future leaders is something that I think about every day.

Relevance, connectivity, engagement, collaboration, leadership, execution … these are all words that resonate with me when it comes to the role that we play as recruiters, sourcing specialists, and talent-acquisition leaders. The emphasis that we place on these words, and how we deliver with them in mind, can be the difference between being viewed as that strategic business advisor or just as “that recruiting person.” Do we want to be merely a conduit to filling the needs of our business, or the reason that the business is able to strategically fill its needs, grow, thrive, and succeed? At the same time, are we OK with our status quo as it relates to how we do against our goals and KPIs, or should we be thinking about how to improve upon them in an effort to further highlight the impact that we can have on the overall business that we support?  

I am incredibly passionate about my role, my team, our key stakeholders, and how we work in collaboration to add true value. As such, within our tax Experienced TA team, we have built a roadmap that has helped to enhance our value, elevate our position, and win with/for our tax practice and the firm as a whole. We call this roadmap our “Rules of The Road.” These rules have become a critical piece of our Experienced Tax talent acquisition strategy, and will also have great relevance across our broader Tax TA team as we move ahead. I can’t wait to share them with you at my session in San Diego!  

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