3 ‘Don’ts’ Won’t Get You Your Fee, But If You Do the ‘Don’ts’ You Won’t For Sure

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Feb 4, 2013

Editor’s Note: Every Monday, Jeff Allen offers you a tip about what you should do to ensure you never miss out — or get beat out– of your well-earned fee.

What Client Says:

There was prior contact with the candidate.

How Client Pays:

“Exclusive” contingency-fee job orders don’t exist. But even assuming you think you’ve got one, it doesn’t exclude direct contact with the candidate. So you’re truly trusting when you:

  •  Send an “open” resume with candidate contact information.
  •  Tell (don’t write) a client candidate contact information.
  •  Tell (don’t write) a candidate client contact information.

Contact information. Your stock in trade. Once you’ve given it away, you’re out. Just how far out depends on things like integrity, fairness and honesty.

Those things are in short supply in a feefight.

So avoid the three “don’t’s” and you’ll do what you do. The deed will be done. The dues will be due.


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