Anyone Need a High-Tech Exec?

Need a high-tech exec? Consider the People Finder tool at Corporate Information Technology Services. Last August, I wrote about them, but they’ve grown since then and if you’re not looking in their database, you’re missing a bunch of golden opportunities. Corp Tech has a database of 50,000 high-tech companies, sorted into 17 different industries including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and computer software. It also includes SEARCHABLE contact information for more than 180,000 high tech executives. You still can’t search by title or job function. And the only easy way to search is by last name and first name. But despair not. Even without a name, you can find some of the people in the database. You can’t just search for people whose names begin with the letter J. If more than 500 records are found, an error message appears. So you need to narrow your search a bit, but still leave it open enough to scoop up lots of names. For instance, a search for william AND s* brings back 390 names – including any name that contains the word william. A search for sm* AND r* brings back 193 names ? from Bennie R. Smith to Ray Smets and Robin Small. The search results also give you the person’s address, phone, job title, and a brief description of the company. The idea is to enter as common a letter-combination as you can, add an AND, and follow it with a single letter and asterisk. You could try ri* AND w* and get 369 results or sa* AND m* for 352 results. So practice your crossword and linguistic skills. Discover the most common letter combinations. Be creative. And, for your efforts, tap into a high-tech executive database to die for.

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