Another Acquisition Going Down in Recruiting-Tech Field

Remember Gild?

It started out as a sourcing tool. Over time, it expanded into an applicant tracking system, a CRM, even — yes, it’s the buzzword of the year — artificial intelligence in a way. And, it raised money.

Well, I’m hearing that much of Gild will be bought by Citadel.

I’m hearing that Gild’s product and engineering teams will transition the Gild product into one that will be for Citadel internally. By August 1 of next year, Gild’s clients will no longer have access to the product.

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Gild’s support team will be helping customers transition off the platform.

Some background: LJ Brock, the chief people officer at Citadel, I’m told through a mutual friend, has strong contacts at Gild and has been a Gild customer.