Announcing the Reimagined Recruiting Innovation Summit

Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 7.36.23 PMI’m very pleased to announce that we have opened registration for our annual Recruiting Innovation Summit. The summit will be taking place on May 14-15, 2013, in San Francisco.

During the full two-day event, we will be revealing at least 16 game changers — from recruiting startups and in-house recruiting departments to innovative new products and recruiting prognosticators. All of it is designed so that you can take in as much as possible over the entire two days with shorter, bite-sized sessions.

We’re looking for bold, unconventional ideas, too new to be proven, to fill out the agenda from all areas of recruiting. And yes, we’re bringing back the startup competition along with more than a few new things where you will pick the winner. But you can only be a part of it if you’re there.

Innovation Competition

If you’re a startup in the recruiting space, this is the place you need to be this year. We will be featuring eight different startups to unveil to the world who is up and coming in the world of recruiting technology. Last year, the winner was Mystery Applicant. It pocketed the $10,000 prize and all of the glory that went with getting the award. This year? It’s an open field. If your company wants to participate in the startup competition, start the process by completing the application but you have to do it before March 15 to be sure to be considered.

We also wanted to showcase more than just startups. We wanted to recognize those recruiting companies that might not be startups but are still pushing brand new technology. We wanted to also recognize recruiting departments who live on the cutting edge and showcase what they are doing. To do that, we added an ERE award for the most innovative recruiting department (and we’ll be highlighting the finalists there) as well as an award for innovative product of the year.

Maybe best of all? Our winners will be picked by the audience. That’s the advantage of having an agenda that is only interesting to the recruiting-obsessed people who want to be ahead of everyone else.

Think you got what it takes to compete and win? Start by sending me a note at and be prepared for a little honesty. If it has been done before, it won’t make the cut.

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A Hard Look at What the Future Looks Like for Recruiting

We’ll be bringing in speakers who will have 15-20 minutes to tell you what’s going to happen in recruiting in the next five years. I can already tell you that you won’t necessarily agree with all of them. Some will make you say “Whoop!” because you agree so much with it, too (that’s okay).

Outsiders will also be a part of the summit … people who impact the recruiting profession because they don’t have the same assumptions about recruiting that recruiters do will be there as well.

We’ll also be incorporating some panel discussions that will cut to the heart of some of the innovations driving recruiting. Are talent communities for real? What would happen if a consumer marketer walked into a bar with a recruiter and told her all of their secrets?

We’re taking an entirely fresh approach with the Recruiting Innovation Summit. Nobody is going to tell you how to recruit with Twitter. Nobody is going to tell you how to build an employer brand. You won’t learn how to build a pipeline of talent. This is the event you come to if you want to be on the front line of talent acquisition’s bright future because you want to build it or think it for yourself.

Have an idea that is revolutionary enough to bring up at the summit? Contact me ASAP. And if you want to be a part of this unique experience, you need to register soon because there are a limited number of slots and our early bird discount is only good until March 15.

Lance Haun is the practice director of strategy and insights for The Starr Conspiracy, where he focuses on researching and writing about work technology. He is also a former editor for ERE Media, broadly covering the world of human resources, recruiting, and sourcing. 
He has been featured as a work expert in publications like the Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, MSNBC, Fast Company, and other HR and business websites.
He's based in his Vancouver, Wash., home office with his wife and adorable daughter. You can reach him by email or find him off-topic on Twitter.