An Interview With Matt Alder, Who Has Watched the Online Revolution in Recruiting

“We used to do presentations saying that the Internet would change the way people looked for jobs,” says Matt Alder, “and everyone used to laugh at us.”

Alder is a speaker, author, and talent acquisition consultant at the forefront of digital recruitment marketing since the late nineties, previously working with TMP and Monster. He went on to lead digital teams at a time when the industry was transforming from placing jobs in newspapers to embracing — albeit slowly — using the Internet for jobs.

I interview him (below) as part of a series about the lives of people in the talent field. see previous interviews, with Johnny Campbell, with Gerry Crispin, and with a Stryker talent VP.

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The film includes:

  • His early introduction to the Internet and his passion for technology
  • How his drama and acting experience shaped his early years
  • Leading the first digital recruitment teams in the UK
  • Starting his own business — including the tough lessons learnt as a founder with an HR technology startup
  • The development of his podcast and why it’s his passion
  • What it was like writing his first book

Nick Price has spent his career asking people questions about what they do and why they do it. Twenty years ago, he began working in the research team with TMP Worldwide, before going on to become head of research for the recruitment communications agency, ThirtyThree. With an impressive array of blue chip, government, and public-sector clients, he led a team developing pan-European branding programmes in Eastern Europe and Russia, and also worked with the higher education sector in Delhi to implement a graduate program for a major NGO.
His experience has subsequently led him to work across several fields including strategy, analytics, branding and communications. He’s worked in startups and with startups and with his own company won the ERE Recruiting Innovation Summit - HR Technology start-up award for innovation in Silicon Valley, California, with a pioneering candidate feedback tool - Mystery Applicant in 2012.
Having used film extensively for employer branding and communications projects and having had a lifelong interest in filming and stories, he recognized an opportunity to integrate film and video that delivered bespoke content with a well-researched and natural approach to interviewing and strong creative execution. His company Working Films has given him the opportunity to use his extensive experience to create a film production company that showcases real stories about people and their work, through natural and engaging story telling. His talent as a producer lies in having a natural curiosity and interest in people stories and to share these through film in a way that connects and engages with audiences on an emotional level.