Award-winning Airline Soft-launching New Career Site

One airline has soft-launched a new career site, after a year and a half spent working on its brand strategy and developing new content.

Air New Zealand felt that its brand was strong as it went into the project in August of 2015.

But, it wanted to benchmark it against its peers, make sure the story was consistent throughout different markets, and even make sure it worked well overseas.

Over this period, it worked on deciding what content to put up, making sure it was choosing the right stories of its people and using the right tone.

Its consumer brand promise is “about offering liberating experiences and liberating travelers from the ordinary,” says Jodie King, chief people officer. It wants to provide a similar brand promise for employees and candidates, a “where-will-you-go-next-in-your-career?” sort of thing.

The result, thus far, is here.

The airline flies to 19 destinations out of the country and 21 inside the country, a nation of fewer than 5 million people.

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The country’s talent-acquisition community, naturally, is small, but like elsewhere, there is a growing employment branding profession. Another career site to keep your eyes on there is that from the Warehouse — and its brand manager Leslie Taylor. Beyond that, you could probably count the employment brand managers in New Zealand on two hands: people like Dan Phillips, Jacqui McKeown, Steven Miratana, Mandy McAlwee, Caroline Peak, in Auckland, and maybe a bit over a dozen other teams like Air New Zealand’s talent acquisition function with branding a part of their recruiting roles. 

Anyhow, here’s a new video from Air New Zealand.