A Letter to the Editor

The following letter was sent to the Editor by regular Fordyce contributor, Steve Finkel, in reference to an article by Jim Domanski from the September Fordyce Letter print issue titled The War Against Voice Mail – Part I: 11 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Past Voice Mail and Reach More Decision Makers:

Dear Amybeth,

I would like to compliment you – and quite obviously the author – for the exceptional cover article in the last issue of The Fordyce Letter (“The War Against Voicemail”, by Jim Domanski).

Our industry is sufficiently different from all others that practitioners should mainly rely upon the best industry-specific training to enhance production.  Nevertheless, there is no doubt that in some areas effective business-to-business techniques transition to our industry exceedingly well. Mr. Domanski’s article on voicemail is a good example of this.

TFL readers might also be interested in a book on a similar subject entitled “I’ll Get Back To You!  156 Ways to Get People to Return Your Call” by noted sales author Robert Shook and public relations expert Eric Yaverbaum.  This book may be out of print at this time, but a glance at Amazon would reveal quite a number of used copies available.  I would venture to say that there is no one in our industry who can read this exceptional book and not benefit significantly.

Again, my compliments on an exceptional article by Mr. Domanski.  There is much to be learned in some areas from non-industry authorities and this is a good example of that fact.

Most cordially,

Steve Finkel
Professional Search Seminars
St. Louis, Missouri

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