6 Steps to Finding, Hiring, Motivating, and Retaining Great Recruiters

“Hiring in this economy? Are you crazy?”

That is what many recruiting firm owners say when I suggest that NOW may be one of the best opportunities in YEARS to find and onboard your next superstar biller.

That’s right. Most economic indicators are showing a bottoming to the economy and are predicting economic growth late this year and early next. The individuals you are looking for are more plentiful now than they will be next year. Additionally, some of the industry’s biggest billers were “recession children,” having started in times of economic duress.

The people hired in difficult times, with a proper system and mentoring, develop great discipline early on for survival. Once the economy turns, their billings explode as the same effort gets phenomenal results.

If this makes sense and you wish to learn a proven system to increase the likelihood of hiring a great recruiter by upwards of 350%, consider attending this year’s Fordyce Forum in Las Vegas on June 10, where I will be presenting a 3-hour workshop with my step-by-step system.

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I will pull back the curtain and reveal the process that increased my ability to attract great talent, get them up and running quicker, and retain them longer.

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