4 Reasons for Recruiting Leaders to Go to the ERE Conference in San Diego

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 7.45.24 AMAre you going to the ERE Recruiting Conference & Expo this year in San Diego?  If not, maybe you should consider it.

I have been to almost every conference since the first one in 2000. It’s hard to believe that 14 years have gone by and the conference is still the premier event for recruiters in the U.S. It presents a world-class roundup of great talent management speakers, thought leaders, and corporate talent executives.

Over the years, I have made lasting connections, forged relationships, met great recruiters and learned more than I thought I would or could! Each year I come away invigorated and more aware of the challenges and successes that have made the previous year unique.

If you have attended once and then decided not to return, I urge you to think again.

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The format, agenda, and focus have changed to focus on how to be a better recruiting leader. Here are some concrete reasons to attend this year:

  1. The speakers are primarily from organizations with leading-edge practices in social media, candidate engagement, employment branding, and sourcing.
  2. Thought leaders and recruitment leaders present on emerging trends and on how to be prepared for the next wave of technology.
  3. There are ample opportunities to network and interact with other recruiting leaders as well as some of the leading edge vendors. One of the most important aspects of the conference is its ability to bring diverse and innovative people together to exchange ideas.
  4. It’s in San Diego where the weather is always nice and the food is great.

I hope to see you there. I am sure you will find it worthwhile and continue to come back to this fountain of information and ideas.

Kevin Wheeler is a globally known speaker, author, futurist, and consultant in talent management, human capital acquisition and learning & development. He has founded a number of organizations including the Future of Talent Institute, Global Learning Resources, Inc. and the Australasian Talent Conference, Ltd. He hosts Future of Talent Retreats in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. He writes frequently on LinkedIn, is a columnist for ERE.net, keynotes, and speaks at conferences and events globally, and advises firms on talent strategy. He has authored two books and hundreds of articles and white papers. He has a new book on recruiting that will be out in late summer of 2016. Prior to his current work, he had a 20+year corporate career in several San Francisco area tech and financial service firms. He has also been on the faculty of San Francisco State University and the University of San Francisco. He can be reached at kwheeler@futureoftalent.org.