4 ERE Expo Sessions I’m Looking Forward To

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 10.45.39 PMThe ERE Recruiting Conference & Expo is less than a month away.

Here’s how Spring ERE is shaping up right now: Compared to the same time last year, there are 86% more in-house recruiting professionals registered. Attendees who are at manager level and above represent 72% of the registered in-house recruitment professionals (compared to 56% last year), and most of those are directors and VPs.

I was combing the agenda to start plotting out who I want to learn from, and it’s jam-packed with a lot of great speakers. Here are the four sessions I’m looking forward to the most:

Strengthening Your Talent Acquisition, Onboarding, and Employee Engagement Strategy Through Storytelling (pre-conference workshop) — My company, Marriott International, is huge. We have 19 brands today including The Ritz-Carlton, so being able to get out from under the day to day to learn more about my own business? I’m game. And if any of you are like me and have to sell — to job seekers, to leadership — you know that storytelling is powerful but that’s easier said than done!

Linking Your Recruitment Strategy to Your Company’s Business Strategy: This Time for Real One of the epiphanies I had when I started moving into a recruiting leadership role was that being a good recruiter mattered little to my success. The higher up you climb, the more it’s about being having solid business acumen. Being a solid strategic recruiting leader is simply being a solid strategist.

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Rotate Your Company’s Sales Team Through Recruiting — LinkedIn Recruiting Associate ProgramRecruiting is sales. How many times have you said that? Well here’s an organization who put that mantra to test — and a company that most all of us are probably use weekly if not daily. What’s not to love about this session?
Suddenly No Recruit Wants to Join Your Company: Battling the Very Real Risks of Social MediaThis will be the session that gives me nightmares … but social media isn’t all cotton candy and unicorns. There are realities that have got to be dealt with, so I’m eager to learn from others so that I might be more proactive in the work I do at Marriott.

It’s an excellent conference agenda. What are you looking forward to the most?

Jessica Lee is the director of digital talent strategy for Marriott International. She leads global talent focused digital and social media efforts across the enterprise which includes a family of 16 brands.