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presented by Matt LeBlanc and Todd Davis

To get hires, you need flow. Yet many recruiters overlook social media, even though it is an absolute untapped goldmine. We know what you’re thinking: how am I supposed to add in another duty when I’m too busy to breathe? Good news, so are we. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate recruiter’s guide for using social media in the scrappiest way possible, to save you time, not add to your list.

Social Media Dos and Don’ts for Time-Starved Recruiters:

  • DO NOT reinvent the wheel. DO make marketing your BFF so you can repurpose their collateral, and even convince them to make new stuff for you.

  • DO NOT let the “policy police’ get you down. DO learn pro tips and tricks to make social media work at even the most corporate-y of corporations.

  • DO NOT post for the sake of posting. DO post when you have a strong call to action, like an event, a new blog post, or a video.

  • DO NOT expect overnight hires. DO leverage social media to create a powerful talent pipeline that builds itself (flow, remember?)

  • DO NOT assume all social media is created equal. DO sign up for our webinar to learn what actually works and what really is a waste of time.

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ERE Webinar – Improving Candidate Quality: Through a Marketing Lens

Thursday, September 25, 2014, 2:00 pm ET
60 minutes
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presented by Marvin Smith

A slight change in perspective and/or approach will be required in this Indeed-sponsored webinar, hosted by none other than Marvin Smith. Instead of a role in talent acquisition, pretend you’re now a marketing product manager, with our “challenge” being we need to improve the product quality of candidates. Expect the following and more to be covered in this upcoming webinar:

  • A look at the “3 areas of impact”: the hiring teams, the talent sourcer/recruiter, and the target talent
  • How to “shake things up” for you/your organization and what that entails
  • And so much more!

This will be a great webinar with an opportunity to put yourself in someone else’s role and to see things from a different perspective. Hurry and register now for this webinar.

Can’t attend on September 25? No problem! Register and you’ll receive an email after the webinar with links to the webinar slides and the recording!


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