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Sales Recruiting – From Process to Placement

presented by Jim Sander

This webinar will focus on building successful high volume recruitment processes for sales hiring. By taking advantage of the best practices developed by one of the nation’s premier sales recruiting firms, attendees will gain valuable knowledge on how to hire better sales talent faster.

Jim will demonstrate how open sales positions directly affect the bottom line and how to quantify it for your company’s leadership team. He’ll discuss how optimizing sales recruitment can not only drive efficiency, but raise sales forecasts through talent management. We’ll outline how a successful sales recruiting process differs from recruiting for other positions, and how to explore opportunities for improvement with your existing recruiting program.

This webinar also illustrates the importance of hiring dedicated sales recruiting experts, designing a sales sourcing strategy, integrating technology to automate repetitive processes and capture useful data, and analyzing the process by building meaningful metrics and reporting. The key takeaway is that by optimizing the recruiting process, companies can reap tangible benefits in cost savings and overall efficiency, while improving overall candidate quality.