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Raising your employee referral program results to 50% of all hires

presented by Dr. John Sullivan

sponsored by ZALP

Almost everyone agrees that employee referral programs routinely produce high quality hires with longer retention rates. Unfortunately, the typical corporate referral program produces less than half of its potential hires. The reasons for this underperformance can usually be traced to elements in the referral program’s design, and fortunately, most of these design flaws can be easily remedied. In times of high recruiter workload and limited budgets, it’s important for recruiting leaders to realize that modern employee referral programs have proven that they can contribute to over 50% of all hires. Reaching that 50% goal will not only increase the quality of your hires, but by leveraging your employee’s contacts and their peer-to-peer selling ability, you can free up your recruiters and recruiting resources so that they can be focused on your firm’s high impact openings.

This interactive webinar will be led by Dr. John Sullivan, arguably the world’s leading proponent of employer referrals programs (ERP). In this webinar, he will highlight the best practices that have proven to be effective in making referral programs the dominant corporate recruiting source. Important topics that will be covered during this webinar include:

·         Demonstrating the power and effectiveness of referral programs to your executives

·         Improving the volume and the quality of your referrals

·         Factors that hurt ERP performance

·         Understanding the advanced referral approaches that distinguish great programs from average ones

·         How to integrate your social media program with your referral program

·         The benchmark firms to learn from

·         Expanding your referral program to cover college hiring

·         How referral programs can increase diversity

·         The power of proactive referrals

·         Audience questions and concerns


Sponsor: ZALP