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Know One of Us? Become One of Us!

presented by Tracy Bolander and Teresa Keeler

sponsored by Jobvite

Perhaps you know us, and maybe also would like to become one of us. If this is the case, then please join Tracy Bolander and Teresa Keeler in this Jobvite-sponsored webinar as they unveil the tips and tricks that took Owens Corning from non-existent to world class. Other topics include:

  • How it used social media in this transformation
  • The meaningful changes it made to its program
  • How it is continuing to improve practices and procedures
  • And so much more!
This is an absolute must-see webinar if you’re ready to take your organization from “who are they?” to “yeah, everyone knows them” and to accomplish this all at blazing speeds. Sign up now and prepare for a first-class lesson in making the next step toward world-class.