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Hiring Wisdom: Uncommon Common Sense

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Hiring great employees is one of the most important, yet most difficult, tasks all business owners and hiring managers face. While it is tough enough to get great people to apply, it is even tougher to determine if the people you interview will actually turnout to be great on the job. This session will give you the tools, tips, and techniques that will help to take the guesswork out of hiring the winners (not the whiners). Topics include:

•    Why half of all hourly employees quit or are fired within their first six months and how to prevent this kind of costly employee turnover

•    Hiring tools that save hours of your time

•    How to get applicants to tell you the truth – and nothing but the truth

•    The questions you cannot ask and how to get the information you need anyway

•    Why everything you do in the hiring process is a test and why you need evaluate each step as a test

•    If you could ask only one interview question, what it should be and why

•    The importance of reference checks and how to get an applicant’s references to tell you everything you need to know

•    Why you need to tell successful applicants why you hired them AND, more importantly, why you’d fire them