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Focusing on the Candidate Experience to Improve ROI

presented by Dave Tuttle

Changes in technological advancements, digital job seeker behavior, and the rise of a mobile enabled workforce have all come to focus on one thing: the candidate experience. In this webinar we examine contemporary candidate user behavior across devices and media. Over the course of an hour Dave Tuttle, VP of Product at AppVault, will cover best practices in engaging candidates across a variety of demographics and professional verticals. This webinar will help you to craft your own optimized candidate experience based on your audience, their expectations and career aspirations.

Understanding what makes a compelling candidate experience will not only allow you to engage better candidates but also to build lasting and positive relationships with future prospects. This webinar provides an overview of the holistic candidate experience across media, social and mobile designations with an emphasis on talent communities and relationship building.

Join us as we analyze candidate expectations within the context of the digital consumer experience in order to better understanding how to contextualize the digital recruitment landscape. This webinar will provide best practices on engaging candidates on their terms with the goal of improving the quality of hires.