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Five Obstacles to Leadership Team Effectiveness

presented by Marco Avila and Linda Linfield

sponsored by Cornerstone OnDemand

Learn about a success story that is still being written today.

Marco Avila, the General Manager of Human Resources at the Maersk Central America Cluster, and his leadership team together plays a vital role in the operations of Maersk Line, a global shipping enterprise responsible for nearly 16 percent of containerized clientele through the Panama Canal.  The challenge associated with being part of such a large, global entity is the requirement to align with the vision, strategies, and goals coming from Maersk headquarters in Denmark, while simultaneously responding to emerging competitive conditions in the local Central America market.

In this webinar, we will discuss how Marco and his team developed a leadership strategy to become an elite team that could effectively respond to any emergent condition and corporate expectation.  To become an elite team, this group learned how to operate like a SWAT team, overcoming the following five common obstacles to leadership team effectiveness:

·        Functional Team Primacy
·        Lack of Unifying Common Goal
·        Strategic Misalignment
·        Internal Competition among Team Members
·        Lack of Trust

About Maersk
Maersk Line is the largest shipping company operating in Panama, with presence since 1917. With its Latin America Operations and Commercial headquarters located in Panama, and more than 300 direct employees and close to 5000 indirect jobs, Maersk Line is an important player in the Panamanian Market. During 2012, Maersk transited more than 530 times through the Panama Canal, representing 3.64% of total transits but 15.91% of the containerized Canal clientele.

Marco Avila is the General Manager of Human Resources at Maersk Central America Cluster, headquartered in Panama City, Panama. Marco is known for identifying issues in team effectiveness, implementing best practices, and championing accountability at all levels of the organization .