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Join HR executives and other technology-decision makers for a one-of-a-kind webinar, "College Recruiting on a Shoestring Budget: Low Cost Ways to Land the Very Best."

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2009 is starting off a lot like 2002! While massive layoffs have been limited to a few industries to date, around the world companies are tightening their belts by cutting budgets for non-essential expenditures, curbing growth projects and restricting travel. All too often such efforts spell temporary death for college recruiting programs, particularly those traditional programs that rely heavily on a physical presence on campus. Following 9/11 many companies ceased college recruiting, an action that created huge gaps in their succession plans for entry level management roles 5-7 years later, gaps that many organizations are still struggling to fill. Succession gaps are just one of the many disastrous outcomes that can materialize when organizations curtail college hiring, others include lack of access to emerging skills sets, loss of employment brand strength, and diminished product brand strength.

2009 doesn't have to be 2002 all over again and many early research studies show that it will not be. A December 2008 research study conducted by Duke University and CFO Magazine found that this time around a majority of CFO's were not planning massive cuts to their organizations recruiting capability/capacity, and that despite cost containment efforts recruiting for key roles should continue. That's a radical change compared to what happened in 2001 when throngs of recruiters were the first to get pick slips, and speaks to the visibility of talent issues in the C-Suite today. Another recent study on recruiting trends conducted by Michigan State University shows that total college hiring in 2009 is anticipated to only drop 10% compared to 2008 levels. While this early research points to a future not nearly as bleak as that encountered in 2002, college recruiting programs will need to cut their budgets, embrace innovation, and find ways to reach the very best without necessarily stepping foot on campus.

During this interactive webinar with Dr. John Sullivan you will learn about:

  • Estimating the financial impact of past college recruiting efforts
  • Making the business case for college recruiting in 2009
  • Innovative best practices to reach the very best students via:
    • On-Campus Ambassadors
    • The Internet
    • Contests
    • Non-Campus Events
    • Employment Branding

Every participant should walk away with at least five low cost / no cost things you can do to improve your access to top college talent while slashing college recruiting expense.

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  • Recruitment managers
  • Corporate recruiters
  • Third-party recruiters
  • CEOs and top HR executives in talent-driven industries
  • Other HR professionals who are tasked with evaluating the recruiting process