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Choosing a Pre-hire Assessment Partner–The First Step in Turning Your Hiring Process Into a Profit Center

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In this webcast, Dr. Charles Handler, president and founder of Rocket-Hire, a vendor neutral assessment consulting firm, shares his proven methodology for developing an assessment strategy and choosing the best vendor to help you execute it.

The value proposition for pre-employment assessment continues to grow as more and more vendors are creating solutions that can have an immediate impact on important business outcomes.

Unfortunately, many firms are leaving money on the table because they either decide assessment is too complicated and avoid it altogether, or because they choose vendors who do not provide a solution that is optimized for their specific needs.

Making the most of the value proposition for assessment can be hard because:

  • Assessment is a complex topic and understanding it can be confusing.
  • There are literally hundreds of assessment vendors and it is hard to tell which ones are good and how they differ from one another.
  • Despite what your vendor may say – Not every assessment strategy is effective in every situation.

Topics covered include:

  • Developing an effective assessment strategy
  • Building a process instead of just slinging tests
  • How to identify key parameters that will define success for your organization
  • How to cut through the BS when dealing with vendors
  • A methodology for assessment vendor selection
  • Key resources available for understanding the assessment marketplace