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Another Recruiting Technology Startup Has Its Eyes on Hourlies

by May 7, 2015, 4:06 pm ET

WorkJamWith the big spring event behind us, I’ve been catching up with a few recruiting suppliers.

Gild continues to move well beyond its history as a screening-only tool, becoming a full-blown tool for sourcing, analytics, scheduling, and optimizing job posts. Bullhorn has hired a former Salesforce VP, Danielle du Toit, as SVP of global services. 

Meanwhile, a new entrant is joining the recruiting/human resources technology market for service-sector businesses, particularly those with a lot of hourly employees. keep reading…

The Impact of Mobile Recruiting on Click-to-apply Rates

by May 7, 2015, 5:27 am ET

iPadThe mobile explosion is changing the recruiting game. In 2010, only 10 percent of job seekers used their mobile phone to search and apply for jobs. By 2014, that figure had risen to 50 percent. With the seismic shift towards mobile-savvy job-seekers, recruiters face a stark choice. They must either strategize for radical change or compromise their ability to compete for talent. analyzed over 250,000 applications and took a data-driven look at the impact mobile has on recruiting costs and outcomes. The results were startling. For every 100 candidates who click through from a job advertisement to a recruitment portal on a desktop device, an average of eight will complete a job application. For mobile click-throughs, the completion figure is just 1.5 percent.

Let’s take a closer look. keep reading…

Podcast: LinkedIn; Zappos; Personalized Career Sites; Job Boards, and More

by Mar 6, 2015, 12:16 am ET

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 11.03.27 AMWhy candidates aren’t completing the application process. What’s up with Zappos and its “no more more job descriptions” program. How LinkedIn can be better. Some truly innovative recruiting technology companies.

I talk about all that with Steven Rothberg of CollegeRecruiter in the 32-minute podcast below. keep reading…

You Like Your HR Tech Vendor and Think the Software ‘Isn’t Crummy’

by Mar 2, 2015, 7:18 pm ET

Ideal Vendor report software satisfactionBy margins so overwhelming they leave no room for doubt, HR practitioners enjoy working with their tech vendors and don’t think the software they provide is crummy.

If that surprises you, you’re in good company. William Tincup and John Sumser, two of the best-known names in HR consulting, admit to being surprised themselves when they tabulated the results of a technology survey they conducted as principal analysts for their firm, KeyInterval Research.

In their report, The Ideal Vendor Relationship, they report that 78 percent of the 1,100 participating practitioners answered “No” to the question “Is your HR software crummy?” While that doesn’t necessarily mean they think it’s the best thing since sliced bread, it’s not the result the authors expected.

“Our working hypothesis was that most HR practitioners disliked the technologies they use each day,” write Tincup and Sumser. Instead, “Most practitioners are simply not complaining about the quality of their tools and technologies.” keep reading…

Monster Unveils Tool to Find Gold in the ATS Tailings

by Sep 3, 2014, 8:31 am ET

Mining taling-freeYears ago, when the technology of the day extracted all the gold it was capable of extracting from the tons of earth dug by miners, the remainder was dumped as tailings.

Today, new technology and a historic gold price has made it profitable — immensely so for some operators — to sift through those tailings for the leftover mineral. Reprocessing of a tailings heap in Australia has already yielded $1 billion in gold.

There’s a lesson here for recruiters. Your ATS — or whatever you use — is a gold mine, even though so many treat the resumes of candidates they promised “to keep on file” the way miners once treated tailings. New technology and a tightening demand for skilled workers is now making it more attractive than ever to sift through your candidate database to find the workers with the skills and background you need. keep reading…

The 10 Steps to Take With Your Applicant Tracking System

by Aug 6, 2014, 12:22 am ET

WARNING: Do not read this article unless you want to increase:

  1. Your online shares and referrals
  2. Job distribution and visibility to passive candidates
  3. Candidate response rates
  4. Recruiter productivity when requisition loads are heavy and inbox recruiting is the primary activity (The activities described below have reduced time-to-offer by over four days.)
  5. Traffic to your career site
  6. The total number of unique applicants into your ATS each month (the following activities have also resulted in the addition of over 20,000 new applicants in one year.) keep reading…

Amtrak Redoing Career Site, Analytics, Brand Message, and the Whole Candidate Experience

by Apr 1, 2014, 12:02 am ET

After about a year of work, Amtrak will today relaunch both the front and back ends of its careers website, sprucing up the user experience for candidates, and moving to a new system for recruiters to manage those candidates.

It’s working on better analytics, more visuals, smoother ways of sharing job information on social media, a clearer employer brand, and an easier way for candidates to use the site from a smart phone (heck, those candidates just may be on a train).

Here's the previous version - what you got if you clicked on "careers" from Amtrak's home page.

Here’s the previous version – what you got if you clicked on “careers” from Amtrak’s home page.

Before now, if you went to and clicked on “careers,” you’d get a landing page that was up side-by-side with the train ticket-buying area (see graphic). If, from there, you clicked on a job search, you’d get a less-than-lovely job search page; there was also a page at that was ripe for revision.

No longer. keep reading…

Bullhorn’s S Release: Built for Speed and Ease of Use

by Mar 18, 2014, 7:00 am ET

Bullhorn logoA year and some months after acquiring the popular MaxHire and Sendouts, Bullhorn is releasing its overhauled ATS, incorporating some of their best features while fixing one of the biggest complaints with its own SaaS system. Bullhorn now runs on MACs, as well as on PCs and mobile devices.

The new S Release announced today is not an integration of its late 2012 acquisitions of the two software providers. Their systems will continue to be offered and supported. But Andrew Hally, Bullhorn’s VP of  of product and marketing, expects that when MaxHire and Sendouts users see what S Release can do, they’ll switch.

The two most significant changes — besides fixing the Mac compatibility problem of prior Bullhorn ATS versions — are speed of performance and ease of use. The system is now so fast that the announcement of its release says it is three times faster than any prior version. keep reading…

Big Ideas for Recruiting Leaders — What if Davos Covered Recruiting?

by Mar 10, 2014, 5:58 am ET

world economic forumForward-looking executives seeking truly big ideas understand the value of the Davos World Economic Forum, where only thought leaders and the most senior executives at top global firms are invited to attend. If there were to be a Davos-type “big-idea session” covering strategic recruiting, this article covers the big idea topics that I would propose for the agenda.

The hectic world of day-to-day recruiting is often dominated by having to solve tactical functional problems like cutting cost per hire or identifying the correct recruiter req load. However if you are a recruiting leader who wants to make quantum improvements of more than 25 percent in your results, step back and focus exclusively on a few big ideas. Big ideas by definition are potentially high-impact strategic actions that are barely emerging, that are extremely difficult to implement, and that may become essential as the business or recruiting environment evolves and changes. Also because they require a dramatic change in thinking, almost all big ideas are instantly rejected by shortsighted individuals in recruiting.

The Top 15 Future-focused Big Ideas for Recruiting Leaders to Contemplate keep reading…

The ATS World: Coming Up Short

by Feb 5, 2014, 12:57 am ET

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 8.56.59 PMIn the early 2000s, I had just started working in recruiting and didn’t know anything about the industry or its tools. My first week on the job, the company was implementing a new applicant tracking system. Dave, the guy who was leading the implementation, didn’t show up my second day on the job. Soon the announcement was made that Dave had left the company and was moving.

I walked into the CEO’s office and boldly stated, “I don’t know what an ATS is, but if you’ll make me the admin on it, I’ll learn everything there is to know about it, finish the implementation, and have it running as smooth as butter.” For some reason, he believed me. I followed through with my declaration — finished the implementation and knew the system (and the business reasons) inside and out.

Over the next several years, I have implemented numerous ATS’s. I’ve also been a user on many other client systems.  I say all of this to let you know that my knowledge and expertise when it comes to an ATS is deep. I’m not just a casual observer of these systems. I know them.

What I have discovered over the years is that many of these tools shouldn’t even be available (an Excel spreadsheet would be more useful than what some offer), but there are some that get so close to hitting the mark …but then they leave out, forget, or ignore something so simple, so logical, that would make it far more useful and effective.

So here are a few of the things that should be included in every ATS … keep reading…

Who Are the Despicable Mes in Recruiting?

by Dec 23, 2013, 5:56 am ET

Bits of carbon on a white background (carbon totem)The combination of the popular “Despicable Me” movies and the Christmas season made me think about who in the recruiting process should get “a lump of coal” in their stockings for their naughty behavior. Obviously any list like this that identifies problem-causers involves some generalizations, because there are always some individual exceptions. However, in any field there are individuals who hold certain job titles that all-too-often remind me of the lead character Gru in the Despicable Me movies.

Those who qualify for the Despicable Me label on my list include recruiters, other individuals who impact recruiting, and even a few recruiting tools. I’d like to open what I hope is a continuing discussion with my personal “Despicable Me top 10+ list”. The list is broken into two categories: recruiters and those who contribute to the recruiting effort.

You May Be a Despicable Me Recruiter If You Are … keep reading…

Why Cold Outreach Will Always Prevail Over the ATS

by Oct 18, 2013, 6:45 am ET

response time - dials to leads.jpgApplicant tracking systems are wonderful. They help you post a job to your own site and to many job boards, track submissions, and bring up those candidates again for new job searches. They also allow you to figure out who is where in the hiring pipeline, and keep things neat and organized. Some of them even intelligently pick the most relevant resumes that are submitted directly to the company or from third-party job boards such as Monster or CareerBuilder. However, when it comes to finding real talent that is a perfect match for the position, the ATS falls short compared to the good old-fashioned sourcing and recruiting process.

When filling a position using an internal ATS, it comes down to one of these two scenarios: keep reading…

Fix the Top 5 Online Job Search Frustrations for Applicants

by Sep 12, 2013, 6:13 am ET

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 11.00.21 AMBrilliant people and companies simplify; others complicate. The evidence of this principle is all around us.  Ebay simplified the garage sale; Google distills the enormity of the Internet in seconds; and Apple has engineered the “smart” in phones so that all of its customers don’t have to be.

Conversations with employees, colleagues, and friends have often centered on ways to simplify. Want to lose weight? Burn more calories than you consume. Interested in accumulating wealth? Save more than you spend. Want to have meaningful work? Know your strengths and passions and find a job that personifies them. When approached with a challenge, train your brain to think “what is the simplest way to solve this?” This question will predominately lead to an attainable strategy. We love simple and tend to avoid people, processes, and technology that complicate.

The winning teams always execute the fundamentals better. Are you and your company doing the fundamentals better than the competition? keep reading…

Software Analyst Likes What He’s Seeing From Workday

by Jun 27, 2013, 12:57 am ET

wd-logoYou might remember that Workday, best known for human resources technology, is moving into the $1.3 billion recruiting technology field.

At least one analyst is pleased about that. That analyst, Brendan Barnicle, is bullish on Workday’s move into technology used for sourcing, workforce planning, onboarding, managing internal and external candidates, and posting jobs. keep reading…

What Will Disrupt LinkedIn?

by Jun 18, 2013, 6:45 am ET

history of sourcing.jpgAlways in motion is the future. — Yoda, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

If Facebook is the social lounge, then LinkedIn is the post-conference after party. It has disrupted the recruitment profession in the way recruiters perform their work. It’s one of the more valuable sourcing tools in the toolkit (see graphic). It’s not the only but currently the most important. keep reading…

Use These 8 Lessons to Make the Right Technology Decisions

by Jun 13, 2013, 6:26 am ET

A study by Deloitte estimates that companies will spend more than $4 billion annually on talent management technology this year. Because the HR technology industry is …

  • Dominated by a handful of large players such as Taleo/Oracle, Kenexa/IBM, and Success Factors/SAP
  • Also heavily represented by hundreds of smaller specialty tech companies who are agile and focused on growth, most of whom have been in business less than 10 years
  • And changing rapidly changing in response to technological innovations (such as mobile computing and the cloud) as well as evolving reporting/compliance requirements

… buying decisions can be extremely complex.

At talentRISE, we are all too often contacted by clients who have made a less-than-optimal technology purchasing decision and are now seeking a post-purchase “fix.”  So, in this post, we want to share a few “lessons learned” to help others seeking to replace or upgrade current systems — whether an ATS, a comprehensive talent management system, or an HR Management System make the best buying decision possible and avoid buyers’ remorse.   keep reading…

SuccessFactors Wading Deeper in Social-Media-Referral Genre

by May 23, 2013, 10:20 am ET

SuccessFactors Recruiting Social ReferralsThat marriage of employee referrals with social media first mentioned on these pages three years ago and chronicled with new launches and updates many times since continues, as SuccessFactors works on a social-media/employee referral tool as part of its recruiting product.

This system suggests people who your employees might know — using their Facebook and LinkedIn contacts — who might be a fit for an open job. Employees can then send those people a note. The tool also, graphically, can show you any money an employee may have earned for a referral (e.g. $500), as well as a cumulative total.

This took about six months to make. Meanwhile, in August, SuccessFactors, an SAP company, expects to launch an improvement to the tool, where an employee can more easily distribute jobs on social networks, including Twitter, to their social media “friends” and contacts.

SuccessFactors’ social referral updates (and onboarding updates too) is just a taste of the many recent new launches and updates, such as: keep reading…

The 17 Things to Think About Before Picking an Applicant Tracking System

by May 21, 2013, 6:07 am ET

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 9.47.38 AMYou post, you tweet, you activate social media, yet all the work you do to attract talent can go to waste if your applicant tracking system is too burdensome for candidates and your recruiting team. If you choose a strong applicant tracking system, your results will improve, candidates will have a great experience, and hiring managers will see more on-target resumes. A poor decision will have serious adverse effects costing you unhappy hiring managers, lost candidates, money, time, and frustration.

The following is a primer on things to take into consideration when making your decision on an applicant tracking system. It takes time and research, but the payoff will be well worth the effort. keep reading…

RPO Company Futurestep Rolling Out a Data/Metrics Tool

by May 1, 2013, 11:45 am ET

futurestepFuturestep has quietly been developing a tool called “Foresight” it will be rolling out to its clients, a dashboard meant to make heads and tails out of the recruiting information global companies have stored in their many databases.

Futurestep (a recruitment outsourcing company owned by Korn/Ferry) started thinking about this about a year ago, and has had an internal technology team working on it. It’s “high-end, graphical, display analytics,” Bill Sebra says.

Sebra is Futurestep’s North America president. He says the company’s global clients wanted more data — more real-time data. You may have “the people in China running something different from the folks in North America” when it comes to HR software, he says. “If you’re the chief talent officer, it becomes very difficult.” This challenge can be multiplied if you’re a company with, say 8-10 different firms you bought, all around the world. keep reading…

LinkedIn Recruiter Unveils New Look, Candidate Matching Feature

by Apr 10, 2013, 12:01 pm ET
New Recruiter Homepage

New Recruiter Homepage

Sporting a new look and with some new features — including a recommendation engine that ‘learns’ the kind of people a recruiter most want — LinkedIn Recruiter is getting an official relaunch this morning.

The redesign itself is an update of the classic LinkedIn Recruiter look to make it more consistent with the LinkedIn homepage redesign that was introduced last fall.

Parker Barril, Linkedin’s Talent Solutions head of product, unveiled the fresh, new LinkedIn Recruiter at a live and webcast user event — ConnectIn — in San Francisco. As he put it, “the consumerization of the enterprise,” the trend toward making products and services easier to use, “is influencing a new generation of products.” keep reading…