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Six Companies to Compete in Recruiting Innovation Summit Startup Competition Next Month

by Apr 24, 2012, 4:13 pm ET

Recruiting Innovation SummitAt next month’s Recruiting Innovation Summit, the newly introduced startup competition will feature six companies who are on the cutting edge of recruiting technology. All will be in line for the $10,000 grand prize and, maybe more importantly, a chance to network with recruiting pros and show what they’ve been working on in a demo format. If you are interested in the next generation of recruiting technology, you’ll want to make your way to the Computer History Museum on May 17 and 18 in Mountain View, California, to see what these six companies are doing.

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BranchOut’s New $25 Million Sparks Talk Of LinkedIn Challenge

by Apr 19, 2012, 4:29 pm ET

BranchOut announced today that it got $25 million in new funding, raising the total investment in the professional networking service to $49 million, and spurring talk the nearly two-year-old company is positioning itself to take on LinkedIn.

Besides the cash, fueling the talk today on startup blogs and Silicon Valley news sites is the company’s dramatic growth spurt. Now at 25 million registrants, BranchOut says it has been adding 2 million members a week since since launching its mobile invites app in February.

“It’s unprecedented to see this type of growth, which makes BranchOut one of the most-used apps on Facebook,” said Tim Chang, a managing director at Mayfield Fund, which lead the Series C investment. “I’m excited by the opportunity BranchOut has to introduce the notion of a professional social network to the 90 percent of the population that is not on LinkedIn.” keep reading…

White Truffles Come With Today’s Dot Jobs Update

by Apr 13, 2012, 1:05 am ET

Regular readers of this roundup, and of ERE, will be so very not shocked to know that there is a new website calls itself the “eHarmony of talent.”

But before we get to the love, we turn to the latest installment in the epic saga we call .JOBS, or, if you prefer, Dot JOBS.

To  refresh your memory and bring you up-to-date, this is the story of how .jobs, an Internet extension like .com or .net, became the focus of an international legal dispute when the wholesaler of .jobs addresses began to lend it out to DirectEmployers Association, which uses it today for its job board universe. That wasn’t the intent back in 2005 when SHRM and Employ Media (the for-profit registrar/wholesaler) when they partnered up to convince the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to create the new extension. keep reading…

StartWire Gets Funding; iCIMS Gets Comp Partner; Google+ Stalls

by Oct 14, 2011, 5:02 am ET

Job search company StartWire recently got a $3.25 million investment from Baird Venture Partners. The VC firm, which has invested in other human capital businesses including SnagAJob and Pinstripe, said “Startwire stands out in the human capital sector by addressing a real problem facing job seekers.”

StartWire was founded by Chris Forman, former CEO of AIRS, and Tim McKegney, who was previously EVP at AIRS. It launched this year with the promise of helping job seekers avoid the black hole and connect with a network of trusted friends and business connections for advice and job referrals.

Forman said StarWire would use the funds to grow its development team and speed product enhancements, as well as for marketing.

Bullhorn on a roll

Recruiting software provider Bullhorn reported new bookings and paid user count were both up over 40 percent compared to the same period in 2010. Heavy demand pushed usage to over one billion transactions per month, the company said.

The one billion monthly transactions include about 150,000 new and filled job orders as well more than a million job seeker views. Between the company’s recruitment CRM and social recruiting product lines, over 45,000 users across more than 5,000 companies rely on Bullhorn.

The company also announced this week the release of  Bullhorn Time and Expense. The new module for its ATS and CRM software platform provides online time and expense management and integration with accounting and payroll systems.

iCIMS partners with Payscale

iCIMS, a provider of talent acquisition and management technology, has partnered with PayScale. Now, iCIMS 1,000+ customers will have access to detailed compensation information for 13,000 job titles in all cities in the U.S., Canada, and seven other English-speaking countries. PayScale solutions allow companies to design and implement a compensation strategy tied to business results and ensure competitiveness in what has been a volatile talent market.

New twist on resume search is a new jobs site that skips the posting part of job boarding, instead selling access to its resume database. Recruiters pay a flat fee to search for candidates, then pay up to $300 to contact those on the shortlist.

The business model is pretty much the same as LinkedIn Recruiter or buying only the Monster or CareerBuilder resume database, though all three sites likely have millions more resumes and profiles than does the Atlanta startup. The other differentiator appears to be that candidates also must take an assessment test as part of the registration process.

Google+ stalling?

Could be that Google+ has hit a wall. Or it could just be the plateau effect at work (as in loads of publicity generates lots of traffic, that then drops off, but at a higher level where it was prior to the publicity.)

Whatever the cause, Chitka says that Google+ traffic soared 1,200 percent in the days after its public launch on Sept. 20, then fell by 60 percent. The data analytics company is evidently in the “failure to launch” camp, suggesting in prior posts that the site peaked late in July and has been sliding ever since, public launch and publicity notwithstanding.

Talentag: the Social CV Site for “Friends” Only

by Aug 11, 2010, 3:21 pm ET

There’s an FAQ on the new site, Talentag, that asks the right question: “What is Talentag and why do you need it?”

Precisely what I was wondering after reading the TechCrunch Europe post about this site. The answer to the first half is straightforward enough. Talentag is the online equivalent of the afterwork social hour; think of it as what LinkedIn would be if it was more like Facebook and less like, well, less like LinkedIn. keep reading…

Startup Leverages Networks to Help Candidates and Jobs JIBE

by Mar 22, 2010, 1:47 pm ET

Blogging from the ERE Expo last week I mentioned a social recruiting startup that was pretty ingenious in its utility. It wasn’t ready to uncloak then, but now it has and JIBE is something you need to see.

(You’ll need a special invite, since it’s in private beta. JIBE is offering access to 100 ERE users. Enter ERE in the invite box.)

The site leverages networking sites Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to show job seekers who they know at companies posting job openings. That description, while accurate, doesn’t do justice to the elegance of the idea.

It’s a referral system that makes it simple for a job seeker to use their network to find out about the company and the job. But it works the other way, too. Recruiters can search the profiles and when they find someone interesting, they pay for access. Unlocking a candidate’s contact info also gives them access to the candidate’s connections at the company.

JIBE is aimed at Gen Y, more of whom will have Facebook profiles than they will LinkedIn. When a job seeker registers with Jibe, the site uses Facebook Connect to pull in the user’s work and education information to populate a candidate profile. Then, for every job on the site, users see who they know there. keep reading…

Three Tools You Should Know About

by Mar 19, 2009, 10:45 pm ET

Today we bring you PeopleToucher and a roundup of a few other interesting sites that have popped up on our radar. For recruiters, the most valuable one is the one with the, shall we say, memorable name. keep reading…

Startup Forum Gives Boost To New Businesses

by Oct 23, 2008, 5:40 am ET

Next week, four company founders will take the platform at ERE’s second Startup Forum to tell the world about their better mousetrap. They’ll follow in the footsteps of four other startups that introduced themselves at the Spring Expo in San Diego, and who, today, are just emerging from beta or, in one case, not yet there, or about to launch a new version, but in every case still still here and hopeful.

At ERE’s Fall Expo in Hollywood Beach, Florida, recruiters will meet the newest businesses to launch. Two of the founders will talk about how their respective companies are harnessing the power of video to help recruiters make better hiring choices and save the environment while also saving the hiring company a few dollars.

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