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Monster Posts Profitable Quarter Beating Wall Street Estimates

John Zappe
Nov 7, 2013, 2:28 pm ET

job board revenue 3rd q 2013For the first time in a while, the Monster had good financial news to report this morning. Not only did it swing to a profit in the third quarter, but it earned more per share than the analysts were predicting.

The global careers company reported earning $11.3 million during the quarter, which translates into 11 cents per share, not including one-time expenses, which are typically not counted in Wall Street earning analysis. Analysts had estimated the company would earn 8 cents a share.

In the same quarter last year, Monster lost $184.2 million, or $1.73 a share. Most of that was the result of the company’s sale at a loss of its ChinaHR careers operation and related expenses. keep reading…

LinkedIn Has Strong Quarter But Forecast Disappoints

John Zappe
Oct 29, 2013, 6:07 pm ET

LinkedIn 3rd Q 2013 revenueLinkedIn lost money in the third quarter, yet on an adjusted basis, it again soared past what the financial markets were predicting, earning 39 cents a share on revenue of $393 million. But what it said about the future sent its after-hours stock price down $8 a share.

Despite beating Wall Street’s third-quarter estimate of 32 cents on $385 million, LinkedIn said the fourth quarter would come in as much as $23 million below analysts’ expectations. In its third-quarter financial report, released just hours ago, the company said that it expects the quarter’s revenue to fall somewhere between $415 and $420 million. Analysts were looking for $438.1 million for the quarter and a total of $1.51 billion for the year.

However, it’s not unusual for LinkedIn’s forecast to underestimate — sometimes as much as a few points — what it actually delivers during a quarter. keep reading…

Market Hits Dice Over Third-quarter Performance

John Zappe
Oct 29, 2013, 4:12 pm ET

Dice Financials 3rd q 2013Dice Holdings, parent company of the tech career site, took a big hit today after its third-quarter financial performance missed Wall Street’s expectations on both per share earnings and revenue.

The stock was down 15.6 percent at one point, putting it second among the worst performing securities. Its share price recovered some lost ground to close at $7.52, down 13.72 percent on the day. keep reading…

Dice’s Open Web Shines A Light On All IT Talent

John Zappe
Oct 21, 2013, 6:45 am ET

Open Web profileDice unveiled a new interface for recruiters this morning that streamlines the way candidate profiles are presented, adds some extra bits of data about them, and, in a handy pulldown, provides a variety of ways of contacting the candidate.

Ordinarily the announcement of a new user presentation wouldn’t merit a mention. Here, it’s that “extra bit of data” that makes today’s launch different. From now on, Dice is integrating it’s Open Web data aggregation service with candidate profiles from wherever sourced.

To put that another way, recruiters using Open Web to find IT candidates have the world to search. Open Web searches some 50 sites where IT talent hangs out, presenting those who fit the specs, whether or not they’re a Dice member. Click into the candidate summary and what you get is a dossier, assembled from the candidate’s online postings and contributions. If they happen to have a resume on Dice, you’ll see that, too.

I first wrote about Open Web in January as it was launching. Then, the search was limited to the 1 million resumes on Dice. Now, Open Web finds everyone who participates on sites like Facebook, GitHub, Gravatar, StackOverflow, and others.

As recruiter Tim Sackett put it: keep reading…

.Career Is Among Hundreds of New Internet Addresses Coming Next Year

John Zappe
Oct 16, 2013, 3:22 pm ET

Goto jobs logoA new work-focused Internet domain — .career — will join the eight-year-old .jobs address next year.

The .career extension is among hundreds of new generic top-level domains (extensions similar to .com, .net, etc.) that will become available in the coming months. Weekly now, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is rolling out  approvals for all sorts of extensions. Among the dozens already given the OK are .NYC, .Mormon, .party, .menu, and .singles.

Career is assigned to dotCareer, LLC., which is part of the same group that administers the .jobs domain. That address, managed by Employ Media, has been highly controversial almost since its inception, and was the subject of an ICANN investigation and a termination notice, later resolved. (Details are here.) keep reading…

Incoming Dice CEO Says Future Is With Open Web

John Zappe
Sep 25, 2013, 6:45 am ET
Mike Durney

Mike Durney

Dice Holdings, operator of multiple niche job boards, changes leaders next week, when current CFO Michael Durney takes over as CEO and president.

Chairman, CEO, and President Scot Melland steps down September 30 after a dozen years in the top company job. He will stay on as a company director.

Both Durney and Melland have overseen the growth of well-known tech career site into the eponymous public company that today owns niche sites in energy, finance, and healthcare, as well as operating for jobs requiring security clearances, and tech networking and collaboration site Slashdot and code-sharing site SourceForge, among others.

With so much recruiting attention focused on social networking, it’s a challenging time for job boards. LinkedIn has become the darling of the recruiting industry; its stock price soaring to nearly $250 a share, while Monster struggles to keep from falling below $4 a share.

Dice, too, hasn’t been spared the fallout. Its stock which soared above $18 two years ago, has been trading at less than half that. Yet Durney, who took on operational responsibility for some of Dice’s newest acquisition just over six months ago, is optimistic about the future of the company and job boards generally.

In an email Q&A, he credits LinkedIn for helping grow online recruiting budgets, and sees Open Web as a powerful new talent search tool that will be rolling out to much of the Dice family in the coming months.

Here’s our email interview with kindergarten and high school dropout (read to the end), and incoming Dice CEO Michael Durney: keep reading…

LinkedIn to Sell $1 Billion More in Stock

John Zappe
Sep 3, 2013, 5:13 pm ET

logo_linkedin_92x22What’s LinkedIn planning to buy?

The speculation that the giant, and hugely profitable, business network is planning to make a major acquisition began moments after it announced it was planning to sell $1 billion worth of stock.

In a filing this afternoon with the Securities and Exchange Commission, LinkedIn said it intended to use the money from the sale

…primarily for general corporate purposes, including working capital, further expansion of our product development and field sales organizations, international expansion, general administrative matters and for capital expenditures, including infrastructure. In addition, we may use a portion of the proceeds from this offering for strategic acquisitions of, or investments in, complementary businesses, technologies or other assets. keep reading…

Rebranding Job Boards

Matthew Charney
Aug 13, 2013, 5:52 am ET

Bill Gates-PXP-000006Having spent time at Monster in the content and social marketing game, but I still believe in job boards. And anyone who thinks they’re dead and deliberately ignores them as part of a holistic recruiting strategy is significantly more hindered in attracting top talent than those “old-school” HR professionals who perceive social media the same way the Puritans perceived witches.

For all the talk that “job boards are dead” and the perception that social media or smart phones or structured data will somehow change recruiting ignores the obvious fact that these technologies are, more or less, content delivery mechanisms.

Content is the currency of the entirety of the Internet, and it’s what we’re looking for when we’re staring at our smart phones, or the story we’re hoping to tell when we actually crunch the numbers behind big data.

And content is king. I know, that’s a cliché, but you know who said it?
keep reading…

More Like Job Bored

Raj Sheth
Aug 12, 2013, 6:36 am ET

Everyone seems to have a stance when it comes to the validity and usefulness of job boards. Once the reining champion of sourcing and recruiting, job boards are quickly losing steam. keep reading…

Industry Remembers Monster Leader, Founder of Modern Recruitment Advertising

John Zappe
Aug 11, 2013, 3:49 pm ET

Bruce DorskindThe accolades and tributes continue to pour in for Bruce Dorskind, the man who so many credit with being a founder, if not the founder of modern recruitment advertising.

What Roberto Angulo, CEO and co-founder of, typical of the comments posted on

Bruce was a great connector. He knew almost everyone in the recruitment advertising industry, and he connected many of us. Because of him, companies merged, partnerships were forged, and friendships were made. He was a fountain of ideas and advice.

Dorskind, 62, who died August 2 after a long illness, was both a driving force behind the founding of Monster Worldwide and one of the global experts on baseball collectibles. His collection of baseball cards alone is one of the largest and most valuable in the world. His memorabilia has been displayed by several museums, including The Museum of The City Of New York. keep reading…

LinkedIn Reports Big Quarter; Recruitment Surpasses Monster

John Zappe
Aug 1, 2013, 7:19 pm ET

linkedinLinkedIn this afternoon reported another amazing quarter, handily beating Wall Street’s expectations on every metric and surpassing Monster in recruitment revenue.

So consistent has LinkedIn’s money-making ability been since it went public two years ago, that the tech site All Things D described it today as “the Internet company that can seemingly do no financial wrong.”

The company reported earning 38 cents per share on 2nd quarter revenue of $363.7 million. Of that, recruitment accounted for 56 percent, or $205.1 million. A year ago, the company had recruitment revenue for the same quarter of $121.6 million. keep reading…

Monster Takes Down ‘For Sale’ Sign, Hinting at Big New Initiatives Ahead

John Zappe
Aug 1, 2013, 10:21 am ET

Monster logo 2011Efforts to sell all or part of Monster Worldwide have ended and the company is now focused on growing its business globally.

Monster’s Chairman and CEO Sal Iannuzzi told analysts this morning during a conference call reporting the company’s second-quarter financials, that “conversations did conclude” during the March-June period, which prompted Monster to resume its stock repurchase program.

The effort to sell Monster — technically a review of its “strategic alternatives” — was first announced in early 2012. Though multiple inquiries were made, and at least a couple competitors were rumored to have had talks, no purchase offer was ever made public. Monster did shutter some operations and sold its stake in ChinaHR.

Iannuzzi didn’t entirely put away the “For Sale” sign, noting that as a public company Monster is always ready to discuss opportunities. However, the company is now looking toward the future.

“We feel good about where we are,” Iannuzzi said, coyly telling analysts, “We have a number of very strategic initiatives on the way.” “I don’t want to be mysterious about it,” he said, but was, declining to offer all but the vaguest hint that these are “social and mobile initiatives.” keep reading…

How the Role of Corporate Recruiter Is Evolving

Nick Leigh-Morgan
Aug 1, 2013, 6:09 am ET

Calling yourself a recruiter doesn’t do justice to what “recruiters” have to do. Here’s a quick overview of where the role was, where it is now, and where it’s heading. keep reading…

Changes at the Top at Dice as Company Reports Mixed Financial Results

John Zappe
Jul 24, 2013, 12:58 pm ET

Dice HoldingsThe longtime CEO, president, and board chairman of Dice Holdings, Scot Melland, will step down from at the end of September. He will remain a member of the board of directors.

Melland will be succeeded as CEO and president by Michael Durney, who is currently the company’s chief financial officer and EVP of its industry brands group, responsible for its energy, financial, and health niche career sites.

Peter Ezersky, a company director since August 2005 and currently chair of the nominating and corporate governance committee, will become chairman of the board. He is managing principal of the investment firm Quadrangle Group, which is a major shareholder in the company and was one of the two company owners before Dice went public in 2007. keep reading…

Workers Underestimate Demand, But Even the Employed Are Looking and Will Look

John Zappe
Jul 22, 2013, 6:54 am ET

A survey from MonsterMonster job seeker survey find a new job shows there’s a real disconnect between what job seekers think of the current employment market and what recruiters say.

While recruiters regularly report how hard it is to find quality candidates, several thousand job seekers insist it is harder to find a job today that it was last year. What’s more, by a margin approaching three to one, they agreed with the survey statement that, “The job market is saturated with qualified people in my area of expertise.”

They also believed when they took the online survey at the beginning of the year that the number of jobs hadn’t grown in a year; 62 percent thought that. The reality, according to The Conference Board, was that there were almost 600,000 more jobs being advertised in January and February when the survey was conducted.

Why the disconnect? keep reading…

Employers Expect No Change in Hiring of Permanent, Fulltimers, But More Plan to Add Temps

John Zappe
Jul 11, 2013, 5:44 pm ET

CareerBuilder forecast 7.2013The number of employers planning to hire full-time permanent workers by the end of the year is unchanged from a year ago, though the number expecting to bring on temporary workers is up by half, says CareerBuilder’s mid-year hiring forecast.

The just released CareerBuilder forecast, based on a survey of 2,000 hiring managers and HR professionals conducted six weeks ago, found:

  • 44 percent of employers plan to hire full-time, permanent employees, on par with last year;
  • 25 percent plan to hire part-time employees, up from 21 percent last year;
  • 31 percent plan to hire temporary or contract workers, up from 21 percent last year

The optimism, however, doesn’t necessarily translate into immediate hiring plans. Only 30 percent of the respondents said they expected to add to their full-time, permanent headcount this quarter. That’s identical to what the survey respondents said a year ago, and is off from the 34 percent adding full-time headcount last quarter. keep reading…

5 Recruitment Myths Debunked

Tina Iantorno
Jun 25, 2013, 5:38 am ET

Let’s get right at it:

  1. Recruitment is recruitment is recruitment false. One size doesn’t fit all.  Just ask Cinderella’s step sisters. Recruitment for any job, level, or industry may start off the same — defining the need, however the lifecycle, approach, skill, and methods employed differ extensively. Another analogy is cars — ask a Range Rover owner if they believe a car is a car is a car. Automobiles have an engine, wheels, etc. in common however how these components are constructed can be quite the anomaly. Would one’s approach to building and buying a high end sports vehicle be the same as a family vehicle? Why then apply the notion that recruitment is recruitment is recruitment to drive your business forward when it comes to your key hiring practices? keep reading…

Tech-training Site Treehouse Creates Job Board

Todd Raphael
Jun 7, 2013, 2:22 pm ET

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 11.19.47 AMA website called Treehouse people use to learn app-creation, website building, and other such skills has created a job board for its coders.

According to Venture Beat, GE is among the early partners.

Treehouse has step-by-step videos on topics like designing websites. Its mission is to “bring affordable technology education to people everywhere, in order to help them achieve their dreams and change the world.”

The job board right now is charging $99. Treehouse has about 35,000 students.

A Site for Those Who Hire Eye Candy

Todd Raphael
Jun 3, 2013, 1:05 pm ET

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 9.49.13 AMThose of you who happened to be looking for an attractive date this morning may have noticed you can now find a date and a new employee on the same site.

No, not eHarmony — that’s another story altogether. I’m talking about, which now has a link on the upper right of its home page to “recruit beautiful employees.”

This BeautifulPeople site is not for everyone. keep reading…

Job Seeking Is Like Dating and eHarmony Intends to Prove It

John Zappe
May 24, 2013, 6:22 am ET
Click for full size image

Click for full size image

Remember George Costanza from the old Seinfeld show? He had problems with jobs and women, which makes sense to anyone who believes job seeking is like dating, which is pretty much most everyone who has done both.

For you doubters and naysayers, proof is on the way from none other than eHarmony. Late next year, the company, which insists it takes a “scientific approach to matching,” will launch a career site employing the same principles as its dating site.

A company executive told The Washington Post, “We have 29 dimensions that we match on for marriage. It would not surprise me if we have even more for a worker relationship.” Relationship-seekers answer about 200 questions before eHarmony computes a profile and does its magic. Not coincidentally, among the questions are a number related to work and career.

With eHarmony jumping into the job matchmaking business, it just goes to show you what intimate lifestyle site Lelo said about a healthy sex life making for a healthy career. keep reading…