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Is the Grass Greener? A Look at What Agency Recruiters Earn

John Zappe
Apr 29, 2014, 9:01 am ET

Bullhorn comp survey 2014Before you decide the grass is greener in agency recruiting, consult the Money Talks survey from Bullhorn. Released this morning, it shows agency recruiters on average earned $74,000 last year.

Some earned much more. Those who work primarily in contingent recruiting averaged $96,000. There’s no doubt that’s a goodly sum. Just keep in mind that a contingent recruiter earns zero unless the candidate they submit is hired, accepts the job, and keeps it usually for at least 90 days. keep reading…

New Video Offers a Documentary-type Look at the World of Staffing

John Zappe
Apr 23, 2014, 12:11 am ET

Real World StaffingWhat’s a day in the life of a staffing professional like? If you’re Jenifer Lambert, it begins at the gym at 6 a.m. with a crossfit workout and ends more than 12 hours later at a dinner meeting. In between, she visits with clients, counsels candidates, reviews opportunities, discusses marketing plans, meets with staff, and more.

We know this because Lambert, vice president sales and marketing for Seattle’s Terra Staffing Group, is the star of Real World Staffing, a half-hour “film documentary” that chronicles Lambert’s work day, interspersing it with her own narration about the work she does and the passion she feels for the job.

The video provides a glimpse inside a real staffing firm, to show a side of the industry that previous shows and videos — The Headhuntress for example — didn’t. Lambert’s narration of her commitment to her profession and passion for the work she does may, at first blush, seem Pollyannish. But as the video unfolds, you come to see that there is a genuine satisfaction that derives from the successful matchmaking of employer and candidate. keep reading…

Staffing, Search Firms Turn Cautious, Citing Skills Shortage, Economy as Issues

John Zappe
Feb 19, 2014, 12:37 am ET

Bullhorn report coverComing off a strong 2013, recruiting and staffing firms are turning more cautious this year, scaling back both their plans to add staff and open new branches.

“2013 was by almost all accounts a very good year for the staffing and recruiting industry,” says a report out this week from Bullhorn, a technology provider that serves the staffing and independent recruiting sectors. Revenue and placements increased last year the company notes in its fourth annual North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report.

“However,” cautions Bullhorn, “There are signs of a slowdown for 2014.” As evidence it cites: keep reading…

Just Fix My Car, Hold the Latte … and What’s This Got to Do With Staffing?

Fraser Donnell
Nov 21, 2013, 6:43 am ET

carsOk, so I drive a moderately fancy car built somewhere in Germany. I’ve worked hard during my life and this is my reward to myself.

A fancy car needs only the finest of service, right?  Maybe some of you can relate to this.

You drive into the dealership service-bay, nice and bright and clean. A hoard of good-looking people descend on you, opening doors and writing things onto their forms, speaking into their headsets. It’s like you just pulled into The Plaza Hotel on Fifth Avenue — you feel like “Hey, I’m a somebody!!”

I tell them what’s wrong with my car, they whip out all their Star-Trek inspired devices, little handheld tools that blink and beep and shine bright lights, and they determine what they think is wrong.

I need this, that, and some other thing. Awesome. My car will drive like never before and I’ll get better gas mileage too. Fantastic.

Now, this uneasy feeling envelops me when I ask the question “how much?” Feeling like a somebody as I am up to this point, I now feel somewhat obligated to spend like a somebody. After all, I’m sitting in this opulent service area surrounded by good looking people, me and my fancy car surrounded by other people’s fancy cars.

Spark plugs and oil change — one thousand three hundred dollars, and your latte is ready. I wince, I pay, I leave.

Yes, my car drove spiritedly; my gas mileage did get a little better, for a while. They washed my car and made it look spiffy. At the end of the day though, I just spent the equivalent a mortgage payment on a necessary tune up.

Before moving out of town to where I am now, I had “A Guy” … Everyone needs “A Guy.” keep reading…

Executive Hiring Gone Rogue

Shanil Kaderali
Apr 8, 2013, 8:08 am ET

I came across a new and hard-driving CEO of a billion-dollar private retail company who loved a CTO candidate after the first meeting. The candidate came from a top-notch external search firm. The external recruiter worked with the CEO in past and was an industry expert in retail, but not with this new industry. The CEO championed the candidate to all his reports, fast-tracked the interview process with little HR involvement, and candidate was eventually hired. The CTO lasted two weeks.

Little to no HR involvement in selecting the best outside recruiters for your company; no defined process; and when headhunters are the strategy — that’s when hiring goes rogue. I’m going to talk about how to handle these situations. keep reading…

Hiring Forecast: Softening Some From 2012, While Tech Will Remain Strong

John Zappe
Dec 20, 2012, 4:21 am ET

While hiring by all employers is likely to be lackluster in the first part of next year, the intense competition for tech workers that has marked the last two years will continue in 2013.

Dice Holdings, parent company of the IT specialty job site, and others in the financial service and energy sectors, says its most recent survey of tech recruiters and hiring managers found that 64 percent of them will add new tech workers next year. Compare that to a second survey of hiring professionals in all sectors, which found only 46 percent expecting to add new hires.

The results of the tech-only survey does show some softening of the market. In the spring, when Dice asked this same question, 73 percent of the respondents expected to make tech hires in the last half of 2012. That tracks with the general job survey in the spring when 51 percent of hiring managers planned second-half hiring. keep reading…

Blip or Omen? Divining the Significance of the March Jobs Numbers

John Zappe
Apr 12, 2012, 11:07 am ET

While all eyes last week were focused on the disappointing March job numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the report contained a curious blip that might be nothing more than a statistical aberration. Or it could be an early signal of employment trouble ahead.

The usually robust growth in temp jobs took a breather in March. Temp jobs dipped by 7,500 during the month, the first time since June the monthly employment report registered a decline. Out of a temp workforce of some 2.5 million, the drop is practically unnoticeable. But considering that staffing jobs grew by 91,300 in January and February, a reduction of any size is significant.

Recent history is also a factor. Looking at April 2011, the monthly jobs report said 251,000 jobs were created, the biggest rise since the census hiring of 12 months earlier. But that same report also showed the first decline in temp jobs in 19 months. Then in May, the economy added a mere 54,000 jobs. It was months before the pace of hiring returned to what it was in the first quarter of the year when 662,000 jobs were created.

Cautious employers can be forgiven therefore if they react as if last week’s Labor Department report were an omen. keep reading…

Headhunting Gets Its Own Simon Cowell

John Zappe
Nov 14, 2011, 4:14 pm ET

Bravo is airing a one-hour special tonight that may do for executive headhunting what Simon Cowell did for talent shows.

In the space of 60 minutes (commercials included), Wendy Doulton dispenses such bits of advice to her six-figure job candidates as “You need to lose the cleavage,” and “You make me feel like taking a nap.”

Born in the U.S., educated in London, Doulton’s blunt, unvarnished advice is delivered, in a clipped British accent. “A résumé should be like a skirt,” she declares. “Long enough to cover the basics, short enough to keep them interested.” keep reading…

Got Resume? Source Jobs to Match

John Zappe
Feb 18, 2011, 5:33 pm ET

There’s all sorts of tools for sourcing candidates. Much beloved are the resume search tools that leverage the search engines and scour pay and free sites to find resumes matching whatever criteria you select.

But when it comes to working the other direction — that is, sourcing placements and req –, the choices are pretty limited.

Now along comes BrightMove with a tool that turns resume sourcing on its head. Instead of searching for candidates to match a req, BrightMatch goes out and looks for job postings to match candidates you have in house.

How an agency might use BrightMatch is as obvious as it seems.

Say you have a particularly great candidate with unique skills, but no current req in house. With BrightMatch you can search thousands of corporate websites — more than 20,000, says BrightMove COO Mike Brandt — to see if there’s a match.

Find one, pitch the candidate, close the deal. keep reading…

Stop Making Bad Tacos — or How to Establish an Internal Executive Search Function

Lou Adler
Jan 21, 2011, 5:13 am ET

As the hiring recovery gains momentum, some older recruiting strategies are coming back in vogue. One that seems to be high on many HR executives’ action plans is the need to develop an internal executive search capability within the corporate recruiting department. While the idea offers great merit, the approach many companies take is hiring recruiters or researchers who have worked in retained executive search and have them implement their personal “best practices.”

In my opinion, the likelihood this approach will work is problematic at best, idiotic at worst. keep reading…

True Cost of Ownership: Contingent vs. Retained

Geoff Votta
Apr 28, 2010, 5:52 am ET

Search is expensive, exponentially so relative to the level of talent that you are seeking. A failed search is expensive; even more exponential is that cost relative to its particular need.

Let’s talk through this one. You just made a hire. For the sake of round numbers and because it is too early in my day for me to break out my Ti 89, let’s call this person a manager making $100,000 plus 15% target bonus.

Since this manager is a “specialist” and you are a busy HR leader who doesn’t have the time or resources to conduct this search internally, you called in a headhunter. And by the way, I love this term. It is so aggressive, and whenever someone asks me “oh, so you are a headhunter?” I beam with pride. I have the image of some primitive tribal warrior with shrunken heads strung around his neck. But I digress.

When you were choosing to use a third party for this search, how did you evaluate that talent? keep reading…

Analyzing Executive Search

Elaine Page
Apr 14, 2010, 5:28 am ET

In our experience at Dun & Bradstreet, rarely has either recruitment outsourcing or executive search been managed well for the long haul. I’m writing about this in more detail in the next (May) issue of the Journal of Corporate Recruiting Leadership.

For now, a brief overview.

We took a hard look at the way in which we sourced, evaluated, and recruited game-changing executive talent. We questioned which processes should stay firmly in our hands and which could scale cost-effectively through a 3rd party. Our Chairman, Steve Alesio, and our new CEO, Sara Mathew, were open to new ways of not only finding, but also evaluating executive talent. They were willing to admit that our track record with executive search firms was spotty, at best, and that a complete reengineering of the acquisition model for our most senior leaders was in order. keep reading…

Reports Evidence Job Growth About to Begin

John Zappe
Mar 9, 2010, 5:08 am ET

manpower“Job growth is about to begin,” The Conference Board declared Monday. In the second quarter, says Manpower. “We are already seeing evidence,” insists the Association of Executive Search Consultants.

Even coming upon the heels of a robust labor report last week (that fueled a Wall Street mini-rally) these pronouncements probably won’t do much for the pessimists, but for recruiters, consider the collective news a call to reveille. keep reading…

Executive Hiring Stalled, or the Lull Before the Storm?

Steven Landberg
Feb 8, 2010, 1:29 pm ET

A just-completed survey of more than 600 executives indicates that although executive hiring is selectively increasing, those increases have stalled since September 2009 and further growth in hiring is not predicted to be strong until 2011 and beyond for almost half the organizations. keep reading…

Our Internal Executive Search Function Made Us a True Business Partner

Mat Apodaca
Dec 23, 2009, 12:02 pm ET

money spentMy company, Lockton, is a sales-led company that has a very intriguing setup.  Salespeople at Lockton are very well-regarded, and an office can be built around a highly successful one.

Our model is a high-risk, high-reward type of opportunity that offers great financial success once you reach a certain level. Traditionally HR has not been involved at all in the sourcing and recruitment of these individuals. That all changed when in fall 2008 Lockton engaged in a sales recruiting experiment that I was fortunate enough to get involved with. keep reading…

An Action Plan for Moving Executive Search Inside Corporations

Dr. John Sullivan
Jul 27, 2009, 5:38 am ET

For many organizations the time is right to build capability within the talent acquisition function to recruit executive level talent. Globalization combined with aging leadership demographics imply that a majority of organizations will need to recruit a record number of external leadership candidates in years to come, the cost of which would be prohibitive if traditional third party executive recruiters were widely used. If your organization is contemplating bringing executive search in-house, you need to develop a plan that covers several key elements. Those elements include assessing various executive recruiting models, making the business case to senior leaders, identifying potential problems, and putting together metrics to measure/demonstrate the effectiveness of your executive search function. keep reading…

The Benefits of Internal Executive Search and Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Make the Move

Dr. John Sullivan
Jul 20, 2009, 5:16 am ET

Now is the perfect time for organizations to bring executive search capability in-house. While the business case for this strategic shift has been clear for some time, ongoing cost-containment efforts combined with increasing demand for strategic staffing make now the perfect time to execute the shift and build out the tools/approaches needed.

In many organizations, executive search fees consume double-digit portions of the recruiting budget, yet produce results only 45% of the time. Few budget items are more costly and ineffective, but the motivations behind this shift are not solely monetary. Executing executive searches internally dramatically increases the business impact of the talent acquisition function and raises the visibility of talent acquisition as a key contributor to business performance significantly.

After all, what else in recruiting could possibly impact business results more than bringing in a high-quality, innovative executive capable of delivering market-changing increases in efficiency and effectiveness?

The increase in “face time” between talent acquisition and the executive committee further increases the function’s ability to sell the vision of the organization and sustain operations when budgets get tight. In the following section, you will find numerous arguments supporting the shift.

When you add up all the positive benefits, it’s hard to argue that there will be a better time to explore this strategic move. keep reading…

A Job Fair With a Sports Playbook And Hollywood Hype

John Zappe
Apr 10, 2009, 3:44 pm ET

Think there’s not much about recruiting you haven’t seen or heard? How about a NFL-style draft of experienced corporate leaders and MBAs?

That’s what a small group in Washington State is proposing and for no less a location than New York City’s Radio City Music Hall, where the National Football League draft is conducted.

Here’s the game plan, according to Corporate Draft and its organizers, Nolan Wheeler and Mike Gazdag:

Fifty companies are to pay $30k each to have a crack at 2,000 fully vetted veteran senior corporate managers and executives and 500 MBAs. There’s to be two days of “meet and greet” followed by two days of draft picks, during which the participating companies get to “draft” one of the hopefuls sitting in the Music Hall audience.

The companies, who also are present in the Music Hall, get five minutes to make a pick. When they do, they telephone their selection to the draft staff which delivers a custom stitched jersey to the master of ceremonies while the lucky job seeker is escorted to the stage as their 30 second video backgrounder is shown to the assemblage. keep reading…

The End of Transactional Executive Search

Fernando Delgado
Mar 9, 2009, 12:16 pm ET

It’s true! Although some of us have been preaching this for years, it’s amazing how some top executive search firms have buried their heads in the sand and continue doing business as usual.

keep reading…

Why Aren’t Search Firms Out of Business?

Harry Griendling
Nov 4, 2008, 5:22 am ET

Given that:

  • Corporate recruiters have access to tens of thousands of active candidates via job boards and specialized career sites.
  • Corporate recruiters have access to information about tens of thousands of inactive candidates via a variety of Web tools ranging from Google to ZoomInfo to LinkedIn.
  • Thousands of corporate recruiters have been certified in advanced sourcing techniques from firms like AIRS and the Adler Group.
  • ATS and hiring management systems not only house customized resume databases, but they also enable recruitment processes to be streamlined so that recruiters are able to spend less time on operational details and more time delivering value-added services to hiring managers.
  • Once the sole resource of search firms, research, and sourcing firms provide rapid candidate generation services to corporate recruiters at affordable prices.

…Why aren’t search firms out of business?

keep reading…