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Google, Fool Top Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice List

by Dec 10, 2014, 2:00 am ET

Glassdoor top places 2015If your company hasn’t made a “Best Places to Work” list, you should be asking “Why not?”

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of these lists. The Great Place to Work Institute has what is arguably the most prestigious. Companies spend tens of thousands to make the top 100, and even then, many don’t.

But that’s no excuse for not making some list. There are “best places” lists compiled by business journals and C of Cs. SHRM chapters have them, as do any number of organizations. Every state has one; some have several. And there’s one in practically every city of size, including in the Yukon, where Home Hardware made the list. keep reading…

America’s Top Corporate Citizens

by May 9, 2014, 12:18 am ET

Best Corporate Citizen 2014Two pharmaceutical firms top the “100 Best Corporate Citizen” list in the most recent issue of Corporate Responsibility Magazine. Bristol-Myers Squibb and Johnson & Johnson were ranked No. 1 and No. 2 respectively, joining such other top firms as Microsoft, Disney, and Coca-Cola in the top 10.

The magazine in conjunction with the Corporate Responsibility Officers Association and a Ranking and Rating Committee developed the criteria and reviews the ratings, which are actually compiled by IW Financial.

Using publicly available data and an involved assessment process that includes 298 questions, IW Financial reviews the public records of each of the Russell 1000, scoring them in seven categories: human rights, philanthropy, employee relations, environment, governance, financial performance, and climate change.

The complex formula gives more weight to the environment and employee relations than it does to philanthropy or corporate governance, but no single category contributes so heavily that it alone can skew the overall ranking. Thus Disney, which ranked 204 in environment, came in No. 10 because it did well in other categories. The lower the score or rank, the better. keep reading…

Nominations Sought for Knutson Award, Recruiting’s “Heisman”

by Apr 11, 2013, 12:57 pm ET
Danny Cahill, Knutson Award winner

Danny Cahill, Knutson Award winner

Describing recruiting as an “industry remarkably bereft of recognition,” Ted Konnerth says it’s time that the efforts of individuals who stand out for their ethics, their honesty, and the excellence of their work be honored.

That’s why the International Retained Search Associates, a global corporation of boutique search professionals of which he’s executive director, founded an award that Konnerth hopes will one day be to recruiting what the Heisman is to football.

The David Knutson Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement in Recruiting is given to an individual, Konnerth said, who has dedicated his or her professional life to making “significant contributions to the art of recruiting, and maintaining the highest ethical standards to serve both the client and the candidate.” Recruiters in all areas — corporate, retained, contingent, contract — are eligible. keep reading…

Google Is Again the Best Company to Work For

by Jan 16, 2013, 6:03 pm ET
Click for complete list.

Click for complete list.

For the fourth time, Google has captured the top spot on Fortune’s annual Best Companies to Work For list.

The company, which last year bumped SAS out of first place, held onto its ranking this year. SAS, meanwhile, edged past Boston Consulting Group to take the No. 2 spot on the list of 100 companies.

Of last year’s top 10 ranking companies, eight are still there. Two are new. Ultimate Software moved up from 25 last year to ninth in the current list. Hilcorp,. a Houston-based energy company, made the list for the first time this year, coming in seventh. It’s one of five energy companies to make the list. In 2011, the company appeared on the list of Best Medium (size) Companies.

Published on iTunes today, the list will be released on the web Thursday morning on the CNN Money site. Fortune Managing Editor Andy Serwer, interviewed on CBS’ morning news show, said the list is based on more than simply the benefits and pay a company offers. “Obviously, pay and benefits and all are really, really important,” he agreed, but added that perks demonstrating corporate citizenship — hours off for volunteer work — and an effort to create an appealing work environment are as important. keep reading…

A Penguin Walks Through the Door Followed By a Bounty Hunter

by Jan 11, 2013, 8:00 am ET

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 12.13.38 PM“A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero,” your interviewer says, then asks, “What does he say and why is he here?”

If you answered, “Where’s the sunscreen?” congratulations and welcome to the Clark Construction Group family. The candidate who came up with that got the job.

And congratulations to Clark Construction, a 3,900-employee, $4 billion company with just a quirky enough interview process to make Glassdoor’s annual list of the Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions. It’s a list distinguished by questions that range from the almost ordinary — “How would you rate your memory?” asked of a candidate for a front desk job with Marriott — to the absolutely impenetrably bizarre — “What kitchen utensil would you be?” asked at, a connectivity and network company that has absolutely nothing to do with kitchenware. keep reading…

Baker’s Dozen: Top RPO Firms Listed

by Aug 5, 2010, 3:22 pm ET

Who’s the top RPO? There are 13 of them, according to the Baker’s Dozen list in the latest issue of HRO Today magazine.

At the top, and placing first in the “Quality of Service” category for the third time in a row, is SourceRight Solutions. Formerly part of Spherion and now owned by SFN Group, Inc., SourceRight has a global reach with 900 of its own or network partner offices around the world. keep reading…

Sneak Peek At The Week Ahead – College Recruiting, TV Premiere, and More…

by Feb 8, 2009, 9:15 am ET

Here is a quick rundown of what is going on around the ERE world this week:

Our distinguished judging panel, who have been so gracious with their time, are wrapping up the judging for the 2009 Recruiting Excellence Awards. This year’s applicants represent a mix of some global behemoths and more obscure organizations you’ll likely be hearing more about in the months to come. Stay tuned as we announce the finalists in the next few weeks, and the awards will be presented in San Diego on March 30.

Our editor Todd is wrapping up the March issue of the Journal of Corporate Recruiting Leadership. He has a story that features some cool charts and graphs on “what you can learn from military recruiting.” His biggest challenge is making sure the resolution is just right for when it runs through the printers. There is an article on “hiring intact teams” — where you recruit a whole group of people. Also, Todd Noebel of McGuire Woods has an article about working better with third-party recruiters. We are pretty psyched about the March issue.

Have a great week, and feel free to ask me any questions about these in the comments below!