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John Zappe and Todd Raphael

John Zappe writes for ERE, and consults with digital content operations, focusing on the advertising side. Todd Raphael works on ERE's website, conferences, awards, community, and more.

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We’ve Got Veterans, Absenteeism, Jobs, and Lawsuits, But No Laughs

John Zappe and Todd Raphael
Jun 1, 2012, 5:58 am ET

If you’re here for a laugh, we’re going to disappoint you this week.

Maybe it’s due to the memories Memorial Day evokes; maybe it’s because the economic news has been gloomier than usual (and we haven’t even seen this morning’s jobs report from the U.S. Labor Department). Whatever the reason, we just couldn’t find anything recruitment-wise that tickled us, except perhaps an “umbrella recruiting tour” — more on that below.

Oh, we took a bit of schadenfreude from watching the Facebook ticker. And we see Kenexa is suing not-quite-everybody on some patent claim (more about that in a moment). What came closest to our goal of informing, while entertaining, was a report this week from Bloomberg BNA that says worker absenteeism is far below what it was pre-recession. keep reading…

Mom! I Got a Job in This Week’s Roundup

John Zappe and Todd Raphael
May 25, 2012, 1:34 am ET

Technology prowess in Nashville; purpose at work; StrengthFinders; Mom! I Got a Job, Bamamba, and much more. Yes, it’s this week’s roundup.

Nashville: A Tech Power

Seriously? Forbes says the home of the Grand Ole Opry and its environs is one of the hottest metro areas in the U.S. for tech jobs. Umm. OK. If you say so. (We liked the pictures.) The Forbes list includes all the usual suspects, in addition to the Nashville-Davidson-Murfreesboro-Franklin, Tennessee area, and the equally unexpected Jacksonville, Florida area.

They made the list because Forbes ranked cities on their percentage of growth, which gives an edge to areas with few tech jobs that see a spurt. That may be why Austin, Texas, and metro Boston failed to make the list.

Purpose-driven Jobs   keep reading…

Rest Assured Stripping and Elvis Are Part of This Week’s Roundup

John Zappe and Todd Raphael
May 18, 2012, 7:15 am ET

A new “matching” site, a new social media/employee-referral site, and the negatives of stripping.

Yes, it’s our regular roundup of recruiting and HR happenings, below.

Social Referrals keep reading…

Comings, Goings, Referrals, and Responses in This Week’s Roundup

John Zappe and Todd Raphael
May 11, 2012, 8:22 am ET

Financial and business consulting group PricewaterhouseCoopers captured the top spot on DiversityInc’s Top 50 Companies for Diversity.

Of PwC, DiversityInc said this: “Always cognizant of the war for talent, PwC continuously creates innovative strategies to find, engage, and promote the best and brightest employees, especially those from traditionally underrepresented groups.”

Surprisingly, considering the layoffs and slowdown in hiring that have beset the finance industry, it was well represented on the list. Ernst and Young, Deloitte, Prudential, KPMG, and a few others in the sector made the list.

Tar Heel Cops Needed

The highway patrol in North Carolina is hiring. There are 183 jobs open in its “first recruiting blitz in five years.”

Recruiting Company Lawsuit

The U.S. EEOC says Randstad U.S. LP is settling an ADA-related lawsuit for $60,000. keep reading…

The Ladders Pitches; Bullhorn Reaches; Readyforce Betas

John Zappe and Todd Raphael
May 4, 2012, 1:54 am ET

We got a pitch this week about The Pitch from The Ladders, which is doing a co-promotion with the latest unscripted TV show to air. From cable network AMC, this show has two ad agencies competing each week to win an account.

If you think about it (but not too much) there is a connection between agencies pitching a campaign and a job seeker pitching themselves, as in the elevator pitch, the interview, and so on. There’s also a kind of ironic coherence having TheLadders promoting a show that will take us into the kind of brainstorming sessions that lead to TheLadders’ own (provocative) ad campaign featuring  shirtless men and dancing women.

TheLadders also knows market repositioning. The job board started life as the place for only $100k+ jobs, and $100k+ candidates. Now it takes almost all comers.

Ready in Full Force

From the where-are-they-now department, you may remember that ERE article about Emergent and other new players in the staffing field. We mentioned that Readyforce was in a private beta and not getting too public and all. No longer. It’s now inviting U.S. students and companies to sign up for the beta, and says that 300 companies have joined Readyforce so far. keep reading…

A Rapping Recruiter Rounds Out Our Roundup

John Zappe and Todd Raphael
Apr 20, 2012, 5:33 am ET

Finally, Friday!

If your week was as long as ours, you’ll appreciate that today’s roundup isn’t going to take too much of anything seriously. We had enough of that serious stuff when we had to write out four-figure checks to the U.S. Treasury. So we’ll put the business stuff after we introduce you to Ronald Gulick.

He claims to be “a normal accounting and finance recruiter by day.” We’re going to leave that up to you to judge, after you check out Ron’s video. Spend even a few minutes with it, and you’ll appreciate why he says, “My wife always tells my friends that if they saw me at work, they would not recognize me.”

In what has to be the understatement of the week, Ron tells us, “I am a non-traditional thinker. I love new ideas. I don’t like the norm.”

“NO other recruiter has my skills (in rapping AND recruiting combined),” Ron tells us in an email, “and this is a huge differentiator between me and the competition.  Many of my clients and candidates love my videos ”

Why do them?, we wondered. “Attention, plain and simple,” Ron says, being as honest and direct as we wish the world’s politicians would be at least some of the time.

Without further introduction (Ron asked us not to involve his company in this, but, shoot, you guys are recruiters; if you can’t find Ron you might rethink that whole career path thing), Here’sssssss Ronnie: keep reading…

White Truffles Come With Today’s Dot Jobs Update

John Zappe and Todd Raphael
Apr 13, 2012, 1:05 am ET

Regular readers of this roundup, and of ERE, will be so very not shocked to know that there is a new website calls itself the “eHarmony of talent.”

But before we get to the love, we turn to the latest installment in the epic saga we call .JOBS, or, if you prefer, Dot JOBS.

To  refresh your memory and bring you up-to-date, this is the story of how .jobs, an Internet extension like .com or .net, became the focus of an international legal dispute when the wholesaler of .jobs addresses began to lend it out to DirectEmployers Association, which uses it today for its job board universe. That wasn’t the intent back in 2005 when SHRM and Employ Media (the for-profit registrar/wholesaler) when they partnered up to convince the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to create the new extension. keep reading…

Mystery Solved in This Week’s Roundup

John Zappe and Todd Raphael
Mar 30, 2012, 5:12 am ET

Catching up with Shally Steckerl; a survey about hiring; a mystery no longer; hiring from fraternities and sororities, and top CEOs, all in today’s roundup.

First, we have this breaking news…

Our source, which we will call PR, tells us Shally Steckerl is about to launch a new venture. It’s an online, educational site called The Sourcing Institute, which, PR tells us, is “the first ever online university fully dedicated to the discipline of sourcing.”

Frankly, if you don’t know who Steckerl is, we think you should Google his name. Shally would want you to. But briefly, he’s a sourcer, which is a little like describing Kobe Bryant as a basketball player. For years Shally has been teaching people how to find the needle in a haystack, when you have no idea where the haystack is. Now, he’s taking his expertise and developed a training program with courses for novices right on up to graduate sourcer, delivered through an online learning management system.

Check it out at The Sourcing Institute. He and his associates also offer consulting and live training, and other services.

Solving the Mystery About Mystery Applicant keep reading…

6 Seconds Won’t Be Long Enough to Read Today’s Roundup

John Zappe and Todd Raphael
Mar 23, 2012, 5:55 am ET

A new site for women, two new, visual-heavy job sites, jobs with smoothies, and six seconds to read a resume. All in today’s roundup.

Women’s League

The PR release calls the new Levo League, “The first online community designed for professional Gen Y women.” We’ll quibble with that, since we found more than a few sites already out there, including The New Careerist. On the other hand, it does get props for design, and it might just be the first job board specifically for Gen Y women. Don’t get us wrong — that’s no insult!

You can search for jobs, read about careers, network with others. There’s also a recruiting toolkit. For-profit companies pay per job post, in addition to a monthly fee based on the size of the company.


Proving that still more company names can be generated using the word resume, we now have ResumUP, in beta. Located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, it’s currently funded by the founders, and is planning to look for investment this summer.

What’s different about this jobs site is job-seekers can use it to make slick-looking visual resumes. And employers can make their jobs look just as visual.

A million people have generated profiles with the system, and companies like Adidas as well as Kraft Foods/Russia are taking a look at it. We bet it’s not the last recruiting vendor we’ll say this about: it’s putting up a Pinterest page. keep reading…

Happy Cities, Yahoo, and Background Checks in the Roundup

John Zappe and Todd Raphael
Mar 9, 2012, 10:07 am ET

Calling all tech industry recruiters. Get ready to pounce. Yahoo, as we presume you’ve heard, is about to dump thousands of its employees.

Exactly who is going isn’t known publicly, though reports (all stemming from the original article on All Things D) say CEO Scott Thompson has targeted “public relations and marketing, research, marginal businesses and weaker regional efforts.” Will engineers be among those laid off? Very likely, since they’ve been a part of each of the preceding five layoffs.

Get busy reaching out now, before everyone else does. And you do know how to find these people, right?  You could start here.

Happy City; Sad City

Never let it be said that we can’t be suckered by a little PR stunt. This one, though, got our attention with lists of the happiest and unhappiest U.S. cities in which to work. keep reading…

Startups, Healthcare, and Telecommuting in Today’s Roundup

John Zappe and Todd Raphael
Mar 2, 2012, 5:42 am ET

Did you catch the news from the National Association for Business Economics this week about how the forecasters there expect job growth to be better than it has been, but nowhere near good enough to do much about unemployment?

Missed it, did you? Or maybe you would recognize it if we reframed our approach. Did you catch the news that economic forecasters think hiring will be better this year than they initially expected?

We prefer the former only because it preserves that stereotype about how journalists are always negative.

Any way you say it, the number of monthly new jobs this years is forecast to average 170,000. That’s better than what the economists thought back in November when they predicted only 127,000 new jobs on average each month. It won’t help the unemployment rate much, though. The forecasters say it will stay at 8.3 percent for the rest of the year.

Let us hasten to point out, that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics put January’s new job number at 243,000. February’s numbers will be out a week from today.

Now we turn to what is becoming our feature of the week — the latest jobs startup: keep reading…

Vitamins and Sushi Jibe in Today’s Roundup

John Zappe and Todd Raphael
Feb 17, 2012, 5:57 am ET

In today’s roundup we’re going to give you the secret to a more productive workforce. This isn’t one of those five-tip lists that tell you to start by raising the level of engagement.

Nope. The secret we’re going to share is something every company can do and costs nothing, unless you want it to. Even then, it will cost around $5 a year, but give you an ROI of about 50 to 1.

First, Todd insists on sharing about a new recruiting site. Here he is to tell you about it himself. keep reading…

Goood Stuff and Those Office Romance Reports

John Zappe and Todd Raphael
Feb 10, 2012, 5:02 am ET

Walk into any workplace and what’s in the air? Besides the burnt popcorn. We mean that other thing. That sweet scent of romance.

Yes dear reader, just in time for Valentine’s Day CareerBuilder tells us what you’ve been suspecting all along: your office mates are mating up. If the survey is to be believed — and why not?; they surveyed 7,780 people who all can’t be pranking us — then almost 4 in 10 workers have dated someone they met on the job.

Awkward, if one of them thinks it’s going places and the other one … you get the idea. Fortunately, 31 percent of those relationships lead to marriage. (Which is no guarantee things won’t get even more awkward a little down the road. But this is the season for love, so ignore our dose of ugly reality. Or read on to the part where we tell you how Challenger, Gray, & Christmas snuck in a warning about office violence.)

HR people out there, this stat’s for you: CareerBuilder says 18 percent of office dating is between boss and their report. Women were more likely to date up than men, 35 percent to 23 percent respectively.

Of the industries reported, you just had to know that hospitality by far (47 percent) has the most co-dating co-workers. Healthcare also made the top five list, which, considering how many parents hoped their offspring would marry a doctor, is no surprise. But financial services (40 percent)? And transportation and utilities (43 percent)? And IT (40 percent)? These also made the top five? Really?

Now moving on to that warning about workers pulling a Valentine’s Day Massacre  from Challenger, Gray & Christmas (hereinafter CG&C). “Some companies are facing an entirely different problem: their workers have lost that loving feeling and the consequences can be dire,” reads the press release we got from the global outplacement firm.

“Often in situations where managers are aware of a problem between two or more coworkers, they merely look the other way, letting the employees work it out amongst themselves.  This may work in some situations, but in others, this hands-off approach can have disastrous results,” says CGC CEO John Challenger.

The press release offers a whole bunch of ideas to increase civility and reduce animosity. Missing from the list, and very conspicuously considering Valentine’s Day started this whole thing, is the free supply of large amounts of chocolate.

A Vowel Please

From the “Can I buy a vowel?” department comes Goood Job, the latest in a long line of companies entering the employee-referral-social media business we’ve talked a lot about (and includes socialcruiter, socialreferral, and many others). In short, here’s how Goood Job works:  keep reading…

Give the Gift of Time. Rent a Personal Assistant

John Zappe and Todd Raphael
Jan 20, 2012, 5:41 am ET

A quick look at some of the goings-on in recent days from the recruiting/human resources world:

  • If you’re looking for a gift for the busy New York professional who has everything, you can now get them a “PA for a day.” The new temp firm, founded by a PR/events director for a New York ad agency, offers personal assistants for a day — actually for as little as two hours, at a rate of $20 an hour. The company says that “personal assistants cannot and will not assist with any tasks that are illegal, illicit, or questionable.” In addition, “PA For A Day currently does not offer babysitting/childcare services.” We’re not sure if they’re referring to the boss’s kids, or the boss himself.
  • Hey LinkedIn, better sound general quarters. You’re under attack by a Norwegian startup. JobCruiter sent out an announcement about its launch with the in-your-face headline “ Challenges LinkedIn.” The site, says the announcement, has “ambitions of being the best global career network.” Now, here’s the fightin’ words: “Many see today’s career networks just as boring overviews of their contacts where nothing is ‘happening.’keep reading…

New Referral Communities, New Matching Site, New Games, and More in Today’s Roundup

John Zappe and Todd Raphael
Jan 6, 2012, 9:41 am ET

Here’s a collection of odds and ends about startups, new features, and other bits and bytes of useful info.

  • You may remember CodeEval from a year ago, and from an update we did when part of its service became free. The company has opened up its database for searching by employers. So if you want to look up one of the thousands of developers who’ve solved programming challenges, you can view their solutions, and contact info. It’s $500 a month, though you can search free to see how many matches you get, before spending the money to get identifying information.
  • CareerBuilder says the staffing industry is in for a strong few months as companies ramp-up their temporary hiring. A survey commissioned by the careers publisher found 36 percent of companies plan to hire temp or contract workers this year. The first quarter may well be the easiest, as 27 percent of companies say they’ll be adding temp staff in the first three months of the year. keep reading…

Mystery Applicants and More in Today’s Roundup

John Zappe and Todd Raphael
Dec 23, 2011, 5:00 am ET

Ending what, for most, is a short week, we bring you the penultimate Friday roundup for 2011. Today’s collection includes mystery applicants, a police recruiting campaign gone bad, and Salesforce’s Rypple.

We start with a job seeker good deed from the Challenger people:

Free Job Hunting Advice By Phone

For two days next week, job seekers will be able to get career advice directly from professional counselors at no charge. From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST on December 27 and 28, counselors will accept calls from job seekers nationwide, answering questions and offering advice about the job hunting process.

The number is 312-422-5010. Job hunters can get more information about the call-in at firm’s website and blog.

This is the 26th year that the global outplacement firm Challenger, Gray  & Christmas will offer this free call-in service .

Salesforce Acquires Rypple

Rypple, the company that brought a social, collaborative networking approach to performance management, is being acquired by The CRM company announced last week that it was buying Toronto-based Rypple for an undisclosed amount. keep reading…

Military Recruiting, Job Hunting, Destruction Jobs, and More in Today’s Roundup

John Zappe and Todd Raphael
Dec 16, 2011, 5:53 am ET

You’ll see how many people are looking for jobs; how the Swedish military is advertising; and who beat out Booz Allen in a Best-place-to-work list, all in today’s roundup.  keep reading…

Disappearing CVs, Happy Companies, Not-For-Sale Companies, and More

John Zappe and Todd Raphael
Dec 9, 2011, 5:12 am ET

The emails in your inbox may be fewer in December and your phone less busy, but not all’s quiet. Here’s what’s turned up in our mailbox so far this month: keep reading…

Fruit, Job Pages, Text Messages, and More in Today’s Roundup

John Zappe and Todd Raphael
Nov 18, 2011, 5:32 am ET

This week brings a crop of new job sites, including an ambitious (should we say quixotic?) effort to change the very nature of third party recruiting. We also tell you about Kenexa’s latest acquisition, heralding another step into providing a full-service solution.

First up, is the story of Staffingbook and one man’s quest to alter the course of recruiting:

Steve Harari has ambitious hopes for the recruiting industry. Not content to simply help recruiters place candidates and employers find talent, Harari wants to convince recruiters to mentor their talent over the long term.

“I don’t think it’s too far-fetched that a recruiter might be mentoring a candidate,” says Harari, who has launched his culture-changing effort at Staffingbook.

Were he talking about boutique search firms working at the highest levels, it wouldn’t be far-fetched at all.  Even less-lofty placements involve some amount of coaching and mentoring to at least prepare a candidate for an interview. keep reading…

New Tools, SHRM’s Social Media Survey, and More In Today’s Roundup

John Zappe and Todd Raphael
Nov 11, 2011, 1:13 am ET

News about internships, employee referrals, resumes searches, social media recruiting, and a video-oriented job board — it’s all in our roundup, below. keep reading…