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Jason Corsello

Jason Corsello is vice president of the Knowledge Infusion Center of Excellence. In this role, he leads the company’s dynamic service offering, providing thought leadership, intelligence, and best practices to the HCM community. His expertise in enterprise software and service delivery strategies augments existing consulting services and brings Knowledge Infusion clients a new level of value.

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The Only Constant in Talent Acquisition Is Change

Jason Corsello
Apr 9, 2010, 12:34 pm ET

If one thing is certain, it is that the world of talent acquisition is in a state of constant change: Economic and other external challenges, rapidly expanding and multiplying technologies to support sourcing and recruiting, and organizations forced to act and react much more rapidly than even a few years ago. Some organizations are preparing for an anticipated rebound in hiring, while others are still in the grips of hiring slowdowns or freezes. And for larger organizations, simultaneous growth in one part of the business with reduction in another will be the order of the day. The business of recruiting and sourcing has probably not ever been more complex, with the proliferation in new technologies, strategies, all having to operate effectively in a dynamic economic environment.

In the last few years the emphasis on new technologies and leveraging of social networks for sourcing and recruiting have become much more prevalent. There are now entire conferences dedicated to what is being termed “social recruiting.” Many of the dominant providers of applicant tracking systems are increasingly adding more “social” capabilities to their offerings, but in such a rapidly changing market, can any large software provider keep up? Are these “traditional” ATS tools destined to be replaced by candidate CRM platforms, talent communities, or corporate recruiting Facebook pages? keep reading…

Is Your Recruiting Strategy In a Constant State of Change?

Jason Corsello
Mar 15, 2009, 9:57 pm ET

The demands on recruiters are greater than ever. With new-hire demand shrinking, recruiters are being forced to evolve their skills. Whether its being more active in managing succession, accelerating onboarding, or even being more proactive in workforce planning to predicting future talent demand, the role of recruiting is changing.

Recruiting as a profession is dynamic by nature. Based on our Knowledge Infusion-ERE Future of Recruiting Survey conducted last year, although most recruiters (76%) have more than five years of recruiting experience, more than 2/3 have been in their current role less than three years. Recruiting is an adventure and if you are not evolving as a recruiter, you are failing.

Looking back at our survey conducted at this same time last year, 71% of respondents stated “identifying enough quality candidates to meet the business needs” was the greatest individual challenge in recruiting. In addition, 70% of respondents expected recruiting budgets to increase or at least stay the same.

Oh, how times have changed. Over the past six months, recruiting budgets have been slashed, recruiters have been shed, and “do more with less” has become the recruiting mantra. With unemployment now at 7.6%, up from 4.6% just one year ago, and anticipated to rise, the workforce is forever changed and the role of the recruiter will be inevitably different.

What should recruiters do in this highly uncertain market?

keep reading…