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Dean Da Costa

Dean Da Costa has more than 16 years of staffing/recruiting experience in Fortune 100 companies. He was recently named the single "most online influential recruiter."

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Social Media Gone Awry

by Apr 12, 2012, 5:33 am ET

What does social media gone bad look like?

Simply put, it is when information derived from social media, rumor, and our connections are used as a sole or major reason for making a decision, without substantiating it.

I had a friend of mine who is very very good at his job. He also got good reviews, was a top performer, and according to everyone I know, is considered as good as it gets. He interviewed with a company, but not only did he not get the job, but he was told he was not the right fit for the company. I was curious what had happened, so I contacted someone I knew in the HR department at the company, to see what happened. keep reading…