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Carol Gronlund

Carol Gronlund serves as vice president, human resources director at Ketchum Public Relations and Zócalo Group, both Omnicom agencies (NYSE: OMC). Gronlund is fueled by her passion for fostering cultures that support innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth. Prior to joining Zócalo Group, Gronlund served as a vice president of finance and human resources for TotalWorks, where she helped the firm navigate two major market shifts and reorganize for success, using a new talent model that focused on operational excellence.

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The Power of Recommendations: What Are Employees Saying About You?

by Sep 13, 2013, 6:19 am ET

FOR ERE.NET_Zocalo Group Infographic_RecommendationRecruitment and recommendations go hand-in-hand. Where would your company be if it didn’t have a constant flow of referrals for prospective employees? On the flip side, who would want to work with you if negative reviews were floating around Glassdoor and LinkedIn?

As recruiters, we spend a great deal of time locating the perfect match for our company. But, do we truly respect the power of recommendations and how they impact our day to day activities?

Experts have shown “a 7 percent increase in word-of-mouth advocacy unlocks 1 percent additional company growth,” according to  Advocacy Drives Growth, by Fred Reichheld, and Paul Marsden.

Our research (see graphic) digs deeper into this word-of-mouth advocacy and provides thought-provoking insights around how these recommendations shape the way we view brands and companies.

These results around consumer brand recommendations can be directly applied across all channels of HR and recruitment. We know all companies want a positive review from employees, but how do we get there? And what does that look like?   keep reading…