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Balazs Paroczay and Jillyan French-Vitet

Balazs Paroczay and Jillyan French-Vitet work for Kelly Outsourcing and Consulting. Balazs is the EMEA Talent Resourcing Lead, RPO practice. Jillyan is a Global Director, Workforce Strategy and Talent Resourcing Lead, RPO practice. Equally passionate about talent acquisition, their experience cover a broad range of operational and strategic full-lifecycle recruiting; including talent resourcing, process re-engineering, data research and analysis, and technology. Both have designed, built, and executed talent acquisition programs within different countries, from entry to executive-level hiring.

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Create a Better “Candidate Planet” for Earth Day

by Apr 20, 2012, 8:58 am ET

HR professionals have designed, built, torn down, and rebuilt many things to enhance talent acquisition: processes, procedures, metrics, sourcing channels, more metrics, and even more sourcing channels.

Looking back over our careers, we can see that great things have been created across the recruiting landscape. On Earth Day, however, we are thinking about how we can reduce, reuse, and recycle to contribute to a healthier “candidate planet.” With all the “stuff’ which has been created, we believe we need to replenish and restore our overall candidate experience. Here are a few of the ideas we’re pursuing now: keep reading…

Packaging and Selling the Candidate Experience

by Apr 3, 2012, 5:16 am ET

There are plenty of whitepapers and blogs that attempt to define and describe the candidate experience, but can we go further? Can we find a way to make it part of a holistic recruitment approach, and think of it more like a product, or a “deliverable” item?

Granted, it is hard to imagine that the candidate experience can exist independently of a talent acquisition strategy and vice versa. Instead, we need to refine the entire recruitment strategy to ensure the candidate experience is pre-targeted and delivers real value to the customer.

So, What’s the Product?

Recruiters are always looking to enhance, differentiate, and sell their products, but what exactly is the final recruiting product? Some may say it’s the job offer, but if we think about the way recruitment tools and strategies have evolved, this definition alone cannot capture it.

All of the recruiting and talent resourcing efforts that use interactive media sites — creating user-friendly career pages, blogs, communities, etc. — are designed to draw in and gain candidate interest. They hope to entice candidates (as much so as hiring managers) to “buy” into a recruitment process in the hope of obtaining a job. But, if the product is only the job on offer — and this can only be given to one person — this would leave most of the customers who applied with nothing to show for their “purchase.” If we say that the final product is the company job offer, we are bound to have many unhappy customers.

Instead, we can argue that the one thing all buyers can receive from an organization is a candidate experience. Whether they actively apply for a position or they are approached, and regardless of whether or not they are offered and accept the job, the experience is the one thing each applicant can receive.

From the moment the first connection is made, be it a click on a site, an email or a telephone call, the experience begins. keep reading…