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Amy Kimmes

Amy Kimmes works as the Director of Field Operations for Technisource, a large IT solutions firm. An Ohio State University grad, she applies her 10 years of industry experience developing and facilitating recruiter and account executive training.

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10 Rules for Dating and Recruiting

by Aug 16, 2012, 5:30 pm ET

(Editor’s note: With so many new ERE members coming on all the time, we thought that each week we’d republish one popular classic post. Here’s one, below, that was a big 2008 hit.)

Dating and recruiting have a lot in common. Learn how to improve your recruiting efforts by applying the most common dating rules.

Dating rule #1
First impressions are critical.

Recruiting application:
Differentiate yourself. Resist the “I have a great position for you” especially if you have never spoken to them.

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Use References to Get Hiring Managers Hustling

by Jul 25, 2008, 5:55 am ET

Are your candidates reluctant to provide a reference until they have received an offer?

Do you outsource the reference-checking process to a third party or your administrative staff?

Are you asking “legal” type questions (eligible for rehire, dates of employment) and a few innocuous “Can you tell me the strengths and weaknesses?” type questions?

These old-school reference practices do little more than irritate the reference you are contacting.

If you have the correct reference contact and the appropriate information, you can get do better.


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