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Future ERE Event Speaker Proposal Process

Corporate vs. third party

ERE looks for speakers who are experts in corporate, government, military, or nonprofit recruiting. That’s really who these guidelines below are for. If you’re interested in becoming a speaker, email ERE’s Editor in Chief, Todd Raphael at

On the other hand, if you’re interested in speaking at SourceCon, our event specifically for sourcers and recruiters who source, just email Jeremy Roberts at

Who, when, and where

ERE hosts the ERE Recruiting Conference twice a year, in the Spring and the Fall - The conference attendees are primarily VP’s, Directors and Managers of their in-house talent acquisition departments. For more information on our attendees, please contact ERE’s Director of Marketing, Scott Baxt at


We encourage questions and discussions during each presentation — as opposed to just the end. In fact, some of the best presentations aren’t really presentations at all — they’re really group discussions.

The audience

They’re pretty demanding. ERE members — some of them have been to ERE conferences before, and we want to make sure they get something new every time. Others are brand new — but they’re not looking for recruiting 101 or “how to do a background check.” They’re looking for the latest, the newest, things others aren’t doing, but will be in the future. ERE usually covers topics — like recruiting with videogames — that at the time of the presentation seem futuristic, and soon after, become more common.

The topics

Let’s talk this one out after you contact us. It’s hard for us to suggest a topic, when you’re the expert in what you’re up to.

Video and press

Full time members of industry and business press are invited, and allowed to attend. We will work with each presenter to ensure that your presentation is executed smoothly with plenty of preparation and lots of feedback ahead of time by our team. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact our Conference Director Kate Bruener at

What to do now

If you might want to present, step one is to contact Todd Raphael and indicate the topic you’re interested in. Maybe you have a video of a past presentation, or references, or speaker ratings, and can send that, too. We look forward to hearing from you!

Kate Bruener, ERE Conference Director,

Todd Raphael, ERE Editor in Chief,