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Q. I registered and received a confirmation email with my user name and password but now I can’t login?

A. We recently updated our site and created the new community. Although most of the web site is running on the new system, some pages such as the events and webinars page are still running on our older system. If you register on one of those pages your registration will not be valid for the majority of the site. One way to know whether or not you registered correctly is that the new (correct) registration system will send out a verification email and the old one will not.

Q. I have unsubscribed but I am still receiving emails?

A. We take this issue very seriously. If you have unsubscribed but are still receiving emails, please email immediately. You may just be in our system more than once, and we will take care of this mistake right away.

Q. I am logged in but when I click on the community page and try to join groups it’s asking me to login again?

A. Before participating in the new community you need to make sure that you have “opted in” to participate. To check this, select “manage” in the top right corner of the website. On that page you will see the option to “Join the Community.” Select that option and make sure to save your changes.

Q. I have been a member of ERE for years, but I can’t login anymore?

A. When we transferred registrations from our older platform to our new one, anyone selected as a “non-member” was not transferred. This is an option that you would’ve chosen during registration to keep your information private. Please register by visiting