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Advice for Public Relations Professionals and Vendors

ERE often gets phone calls and emails from 1) companies selling products and services to recruiters and HR executives, and 2) PR firms public-relations people representing such companies.

We hope folks in both categories find this advice helpful:

What to Do

• Do contact us first with important talent acquisition news. Since ERE is the major source of recruiting news, research, and networking for businesspeople who are interested in talent acquisition, we’d love to be the first to hear your stories!

• Do let us know who your most interesting customers are and why, such as, “Have you talked to Jane at Southwest Airlines? She’s doing some interesting stuff with our product, so I bet she’s doing a lot of other interesting things. Would you like me to arrange an interview with her so you can talk?” (We prefer to hear directly from your customers.)

• Do have a specific story about how your product or service is helping a company. Instead of, “We just signed our 1,000th client,” we would rather hear a concrete example. For example, how you helped put together an employment branding campaign for Starbucks, which helped Starbucks attract, assess, and retain people.

• Do provide a quick refresher on key terms when describing a product, service, or company. Giving us simple and fast background material will help, since we are not always familiar with all products and lingo. In other words, you know more about your product than we do.

• Do be respectful of time. We often wish we had more time to hear more about your company and product. Sometimes a 5-to-10-minute “right to the point” phone call is more efficient than an hour discussing something that’s not as relevant to our audience or what we’re working on.

• Do keep press releases tailored to our audience. Ideally, we should know in the first few sentences what your story is and how it is relevant to our readers. Also, make sure your headline grabs our attention. For example, we are more likely to respond to “IBM to Add 1,400 Workers in Memphis” than “IBM Creates New Jobs.”

What Not to Do

• Don’t use jargon such as, “Our solution helps leverage your resources and align …” If you can, make it straightforward and in real-world terms: “Home Depot wanted to improve its customer service. So here’s what it did and here’s where we came in.”

• Don’t remind us that you’re an advertiser in ERE publications or a sponsor of ERE conferences. We make decisions irrespective of whether someone’s an advertiser. This is a turnoff because it makes us think that the fact that you’re an advertiser is more compelling than your story. It also makes us feel that you want something in exchange for your advertising.

• Don’t say “I’d like to get some exposure.” We’re looking for compelling and useful information to provide to our audience of recruiters. We’re not looking to help companies get exposure just for the sake of providing exposure to someone. Hopefully, you have an interesting story to tell; through that, you’ll get exposure.

• Don’t call repeatedly asking when we can provide you exposure, cover your product, etc. This is a common problem. People call us and say, “When can I follow up with you? When will you make a decision on this?” And then they call again and again. Once you’ve let us know by phone or email about your story, we’ll contact you if we want to follow up.

• Don’t email a press release or other information, and then call to ask if we received the email, and then call again to ask if we received the call about the email.

Contact Information

• Todd Raphael; 1-212-671-1181, ext. 806
- Best time of day to call: 11 am- 5 pm, Pacific
- Preferred method of contact: Email