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No Words Were Needed in This Intense Police Recruiting Video

by May 21, 2014, 6:59 pm ET

midlandThis new video starts off slow, with soft music, a smiling police officer, and a children’s cartoon character.

What comes next are handcuffs, drugs, high-speed chases, and explosions.

It’s all for jobs in the Midland, Texas, police department. The video is below.

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  • Lance Haun

    It’s like a trailer for a new JJ Abrams movie with less lens flair. Count me impressed.

  • Steve Katcher

    Impressive. Do you know if they shot this themselves, or did they use an ad agency? If the latter, who did it? (And kudos either way…)

  • Todd Raphael

    A (Lubbock) company called Studio 84 filmed it. The week of April 15-16ish.