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Recruiting Leaders Share a Few Tips to Increase Candidate Engagement

by May 8, 2014, 5:05 am ET

We all know it’s getting easier to identify candidates. Now the biggest challenge is getting those candidates on the phone or to reply to messages we send them. Last month, at ERE Spring 2014, I asked a few recruiting leaders to share tips on improving candidate engagement.

The themes recommended include: research the candidates you are approaching, personalize voicemails messages to candidates, and involve all of your employees. Watch the entire video below.

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  • Keith Halperin

    Thanks, Jeremy. One thing they all left out is going after the level of person who you can reasonably expect will listen to what you have to say- don’t expect a 65th percentile company to be able to get 95th percentile people, no matter how much they research, talk, engage, etc (


  • Jeremy Roberts

    That’s a great point Keith. Thanks for reading and watching!

  • Keith Halperin

    You’re very welcome, Jeremy.