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Facebook, Workday, Entelo, and Koofers on the Move

by Sep 11, 2013, 1:41 pm ET

Among the recent goings-on in recruiting and human resources technology:

  • Facebook is having you list your skills on your profile. A possible “stealth move” to compete with LinkedIn, says Mashable.
  • “Workday Recruiting is on track for its Spring 2014 release date and will have full onboarding functionality as part of the application,” Scott Berg, from Northland Capital Markets, wrote to his clients in an email. “Although we expect early adoption to be mixed given nuances with recruiting software, we believe this product will quickly become the most upsold product and likely begins to drive incremental billings in 1H of FY15.”
  • Two years ago, Koofers was all about college tests, study guides, textbooks, and teacher ratings. Now, it’s asking employers if they want to “find, message, and video interview the best student candidates.”
  • Entelo’s “Recruiter Academy” is collating articles, webinars, videos, and white papers for recruiters to improve their inbound, outbound, and other recruiting skills.

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