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Bloomie’s Goes for Passion, Fashion With New Careers Site

Todd Raphael
Feb 27, 2013, 4:27 pm ET

l_mainLogoBloomingdale’s has launched a new career site using “responsive design,” a popular style these days among developers as it allows pages to adapt to different screen sizes, including on a mobile device.

The Cincinnati company Sanger & Eby helped design and develop the site. It spent about six months on it, about 8-10 weeks of that making sure the system works with Taleo when you use your mobile phone.

Sanger VP Kathleen M. Jenkins tells me it wanted to convey the “fashion, passion, and customer service” that’s part of life at Bloomingdale’s. (Fashion represented by the large silhouette on the home page.)

As for that decision about how distinct the site should be from the rest of the company’s site, Bloomingdale’s went the “separate site” route, with a URL and feel of a distinct website.

You can apply for a Bloomie’s job straight from your mobile phone; the site is integrated with the Taleo system, and there’s no need to run back to your computer.

Having said that, the retailer has the same problem that most everyone has with mobile phones: typing a lot of information into a smart phone is no picnic. There’s not an “apply with your LinkedIn profile” option right now with the Bloomingdale’s site, but there could be in the future.

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  1. Lauren Smith

    Thanks Todd – love responsive design. Target’s career site is another great example.

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