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What’s New: Jobspora; Product Design Jobs; DeveloperAuction; Sex, Drugs, and Jobs

by Oct 24, 2012, 5:32 am ET

New job sites for techies, musicians, designers — and a new applicant tracking system. More below.

  • The “end-to-end recruitment platform” Jobspora has been in private beta — 15 employers and recruiting agencies have been testing it — and as of today is in “public beta.” It’s operating out of Chennai, India, with a team of five (two PHP developers, a user interface developer, and a test engineer). It handles applicant tracking, scheduling, video resumes, and video interviews; the company is still working on improving the product.
  • ZURBjobs, in “private release,” is a job board for finding web and mobile product designers.
  • DeveloperAuction “lives in a very unusual space in this horrible U.S. economy. It’s a world where candidates are in such demand that they get to choose which of the many hiring firms they’d like to talk with, much less apply to.”
  • And, for the music industry — the job board with the memorable name that Jeff Dickey-Chasins told me about.

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