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IBM Buying Kenexa

Todd Raphael
Aug 27, 2012, 10:56 am ET

Kenexa’s stock is up about 40% early today on news IBM’s buying the company for about $1.3 billion.

IBM says it’s buying Kenexa to bolster “social business initiatives.” IBM tells me that Rudy Karsan, the well-regarded founder and CEO of Kenexa, will stay with the new company.

Kenexa has a mix of products and services, from RPO to applicant tracking systems (through its BrassRing product).

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  2. Ty Chartwell

    Rudy will stay as long as it takes him to count his hundreds of millions of dollars he is gaining as a result. IBM buying Kenexa for their 9,000 customers, not because Kenxa does anything of real value.

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